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$25 Monthly Plan

$25 Monthly Plan


$25 for a month of unlimited 60-minute rides. That is, take as many rides as you’d like during a month for $25.  As a Biki member you will be able to unlock bikes to ride using the Biki Mobile App, or with your complimentary Biki Pass, which will be mailed to you after signing up. 


Think about how you will use Biki. If you’ll ride consistently, but don’t want to rush to meet the 30-minute time period, this could be the option that fits you best. If it’s not, then check out the Free Spirit Plan or $15 Monthly Plan.


Overage fees


Each time you ride longer than 60 minutes, you will get an overtime charge of $3.50 for every 30 minutes, or fraction of 30 minutes, that are over. For example, ride for 75 minutes and you’ll see an overtime charge of $3.50 for that ride.  Ride for 98 minutes (that’s a long ride!) your overtime charge will be $7.00 for that trip..

Auto-renew bonus:


Sign up for automatic renewal and you’ll get your 13th month free!