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biki expansion plans for mid-2018

We're expanding! That means more bikes, more Biki Stops and more opportunities to utilize bikeshare.

Biki Expansion Plans 2018 web

Proposed Biki Stop expansion locations

Click each neighborhood to see the site plans of potential Biki Stop locations:

Updated: 10.24.18

Did you know?

  • People logged nearly 840,000 trips on Biki in just 1 year. 
  • 64% of trips were made by Oahu residents

2018 Biki member survey stats

  • 63% use Biki to dine
  • 58% use Biki to shop
  • 50% Biki to work

Common Questions

Why do we need more Biki Stops?

A dense network of Biki Stops helps ensure bikes and open docks are available where and when you need them. 

How are the sites selected?

Expansion locations are determined based on several factors, including:

  • Current system usage, community requests and demand
  • Existing bike infrastructure and safety
  • Proximity to other Biki Stops to create a connected network
  • Available space and land ownership

How is expansion funded?

Bikeshare in Honolulu is a public-private-nonprofit partnership. The Honolulu Department of Transportation Services (DTS), in partnership with Bikeshare Hawaii, has been awarded federal Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) funds to expand Biki. Private donations, grants and rider fares also support expansion.

What will installation look like?

A Biki Stop is installed within an hour with minimal disruption to the site area. No drilling, bolting or wiring required. 


Installation is expected to be completed before mid-December.


How can I request a Biki Stop?

Complete a request form to suggest new Biki Stop locations that will help make your daily trips easier.

Get involved

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  • Volunteer to canvas and inform residents and businesses of expansion plans
  • Send us an email to offer input, make recommendations and ask questions