Breaking Biki Records in October


It's official...Honolulu likes to bike. A record number of Biki rides were taken in October, surpassing 100,000 trips in a single month for the very first time in Honolulu. Congratulations riders! You are saving more CO2 emissions, burning more calories and spending more time out in the beautiful Hawaii sunshine. Thank you for helping us achieve this milestone. 

2017 vs 2018

October 2017 

67,777 rides

57% taken by Biki members


October 2018 

100,954 rides

67% taken by Biki members

This results in 3.2 rides per bike per day, well over the national bikeshare average of 1.7 rides per bike per day. (NACTO 2017)

October 2018 Daily report

The graph below is taken directly from our internal system and shows the total daily rides (gray), rides by members (light blue) and rides by casual users (dark blue). Biki Members are those who purchased a Free Spirit or Monthly plan on or the Biki App, while casual users purchased their rides directly from a Biki Stop kiosk. The graph indicates an obvious dip in rides on the weekends especially for Members, who tend to use bikeshare for weekday commutes and errands. The weather also effects ridership, as demonstrated by the significant drop on October 30th which resulted from heavy rain and wind. 

Over 100,000 trips despite a rainy day on October 30th! 90% of all Biki members are residents of Hawai'i.
Over 100,000 trips despite a rainy day on October 30th! 90% of all Biki members are residents of Hawai'i.

Expansion update

The equipment is officially on its way and we are finalizing our expansion deployment plans. Thank you for your patience - we promise it will be worth the wait! We will add approximately 30 stations and 300 bikes to the system by the end of 2018, thanks to federal Transportation Alternative Program funds. Residents can expect expansion into new neighborhoods including Iwilei, Makiki and UH Manoa.

a few locations to expect -


  • Dole Cannery 
  • UH Manoa Campus
  • Safeway Beretania 


  • Kamakee Street & Kapiolani Boulevard
  • Queen Kapiolani Hotel
  • Kamoku & Hihiwai Street

About a third of the new Biki Stops will be within Biki’s current footprint. These additional stations will increase the availability and convenience of bikeshare as ridership and demand continues to grow in the urban core.

Employees of HIC enjoying a team Biki outing downtown
Employees of HIC enjoying a team Biki outing downtown

With 63% of members reporting that they use Biki to dine, and 58% report Biki'ing to shop, we are pleased to help increase access to businesses that will be "biki-able" as a result of our expansion. This will also help serve the employees at these businesses, who will soon have bikeshare as an option for their commute.


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Some words of excitement from the community -


“Everyone here at HONBLUE is very excited about the new Biki stations coming to our Iwilei neighborhood. A majority of our customers are in the central business district, and once the Iwilei Biki stations are operational we expect to replace 20 to 40 daily car trips with Biki. The City & County of Honolulu’s Complete Streets program is making multi-modal transportation viable for businesses like ours. In many cases we believe it will be easier, faster, and cheaper to service and meet with our clients utilizing Biki than driving a car into downtown.” - Larry Heim, president of HONBLUE


"Increasing the density of the Biki network will help me get around town efficiently. I'm particularly excited about new stations coming to my neighborhood in Moiliili and the expansion to Makiki and UH. With a closer station, my door to door time to work downtown will be much faster than driving and parking." - Jon Chin, resident


Queen Kapiolani Hotel is honored to welcome Biki to our reimagined property. Our hotel is centered around the idea of experience – whether it’s an early morning surf session, a running tour of Waikiki or, now, a Biki ride to explore the lush grounds of Kapiolani Park. We believe Queen Kapiolani Hotel’s Biki station offers guests and locals alike prime access to an active lifestyle and a variety of experiences and events in Waikiki and beyond.” - Jeff Perkins, general manager, Queen Kapiolani Hotel


"I'm really looking forward to using the new Biki Station to switch up my commute from Kakaako to Iolani School and to save myself from battling McCully intersection traffic. The expansion will give me an incentive to use Biki more often when I want to go to paddling or Pau Hana in Waikiki." -Gabriel Yanagihara, Teacher at Iolani High School


"As a resident of the Makiki neighborhood, commuting to the UH Manoa campus for work and school can be a bit complicated. The distance is close just enough to not warrant the need for a car, but far enough away that walking on a hot day can be exhausting. I have recently been debating the idea of purchasing a vehicle for months. Driving to campus offers its own set of complications. Parking fees are steep. Parking space in Makiki is also in short supply. Thankfully I’ve learned that biki is expanding to serve both Makiki and UH Manoa! Now the debate is settled; no car for me! I will be able to bike directly from home to school in less than 20 minutes. I’ve often heard stories of commuters taking longer than that just looking for parking. I’m sure my neighbors with cars will be happy as well. Now they won’t have to compete with me for a parking stall too! I think the expansion will be great for students and workers. It will relieve the congestion around the campus neighborhoods and make life much easier for commuters who can’t afford or choose not to own a car." - Cody Winchester, resident

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