3-Month Biki Update


Thank you for helping Biki achieve 180,272 rides in our first three months of operation! We’re excited to share statistics about our bikeshare system since the official launch of Biki on June 28, 2017. We’re happy to report steady growth in the average rides per day, increasing from 1,735 in July (including June 28-30), to 1,918 rides in August, to 2,101 rides in September.



Most Popular Plan



Of the three member plans offered, 78% of Biki users are opting to purchase the $20 Free Spirit Pass, which provides a bank of 300-minutes (or five hours) to use however and whenever. Members prefer the Free Spirit Pass as it enables them to ride spontaneously whether it’s a short 5-minute trip between locations or a longer 40-minute excursion.


Trip Duration



Biki members and casual riders use Biki differently. With an average trip duration of 14 minutes and 13 seconds, many members use Biki to commute, exercise, run errands and take other quick trips. Casual riders, however, are using Biki more for recreational purposes with an average trip duration of 28 minutes and 39 seconds. Overall, Biki riders’ average trip duration is 22 minutes and 25 seconds.


Where do our riders come from?


Most Popular Biki Stops: 6 in Waikiki, 2 in Ala Moana, 2 in Kakaako


Most Popular Rider Zip Codes:


  1. 96815 – Waikiki
  2. 96813 – Downtown/Chinatown
  3. 96826 – McCully/Moiliili


Although six out of the top 10 most popular Biki Stops are in Waikiki, user zip codes show that the popularity of bikeshare is not only due to visitors. Many Waikiki residents have discovered the benefits of Biki and find it a convenient transportation option to avoid parking, traffic and other hassles.


“We are very pleased with Biki’s high ridership after just three months of service,” said Lori McCarney, executive director of Bikeshare Hawaii, the nonprofit organization that launched and manages Biki. “Not only are residents using Biki to make short trips in town, but riders like the variety of fare plans available. We also cover a lot of miles in urban Honolulu, which equals less CO2 being emitted into the air and more calories burned, just a few of the many benefits of bikesharing.”

Bikeshare Benefits Business


In cities around the world, bikeshare has proven to provide a boost to local, small businesses by increasing street level traffic. Pedestrians and bicyclists are much more likely than motorists to notice small businesses and wander in to check out their wares.


In August we partnered with 20 Honolulu food and beverage establishments, all located within a short walk of a Biki Stop, to offer Biki riders exclusive deals. A post promo survey of businesses that participated in Biki’s first month-long program, Biki Bites, found:


  • 70% of respondents felt that they gained new customers as a result
  • 80% would support a Biki Stop directly in front of their establishment
  • 80% also believe bikeshare has a positive impact on the local economy


Stay tuned for our November promo, Biki Buys!




“While the statistics from our initial three months are very positive, there is still a lot of for us to learn about how we can best serve the community. As such we continue to look for ways to have a presence in the community to listen to ideas and answer questions or concerns residents, visitors and businesses may have about Biki,” said McCarney. “We also are continuing our partnership with Hawaii Bicycling League to help ensure that users understand the rules of the road, refresh their biking skills, and how to most safely ride a Biki.” 


Thanks for riding with us and supporting our initiative to make Honolulu a healthier, happier and more sustainable place to live and visit! We can’t wait to see what the next 3-months has in store for Biki and look forward to updating you on our progress.

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