A Biki Ambassador’s Riding Journey


By Brendan Schultz, Biki Ambassador

I don’t know how to drive. I do not even know which pedal is the gas and which pedal is the brake. Thanks to Biki in Honolulu, there is no need for me to learn.


I was born into a military family in Hawaii and spent my childhood bouncing around the United States and world. For my final year of high school, a time when most teenagers are learning how to drive, I found myself in Macedonia, a small country in Southeastern Europe that most people have never heard of.

As a consequence of living in Macedonia, I never learned how to drive at the time most teenagers are getting their license tests. Now living back in Hawaii, the Biki system makes Honolulu one of the most livable cities to go car-less. Within the urban core, I am rarely more than a three-minute walk away from a Biki station. There is a station next to nearly every major destination – from the Blaisdell Center to grocery stores.


Riding a bike from one place within the city to another, when taking into account the time it takes to find parking, takes about the same amount of time needed to drive. I do not have to worry about my personal bike being stolen, or if my plans change and I catch a ride home with a friend instead. My transportation costs are fifteen dollars a month; the increasing price of gas is something I never have to be concerned about nor is the high cost and availability of parking. I have the opportunity to exercise while getting around. And most beneficial, the feeling I get when biking by the ocean with the breeze flowing through my hair makes living in paradise all the much better.


With a constantly expanding network of stations and bike lanes throughout Honolulu, I urge you to try making Biki your primary form of transportation for even just a week. You won’t regret it.

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