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Shop at Foodland and donate to Bikeshare Hawaii during the month of September!

During the month of September, donate to Bikeshare Hawaii during your shopping trips to Foodland through the Give Aloha Program! Best of all - the Western Union Foundation and Foodland will match a portion of your donation, so each contribution has an even bigger impact. 


How to donate

  1. Shop at Foodland or Sack N Save! Check out our system map to find a Biki Stop by a store near you. 
  2. Show your Maika'i card (or give phone number) at checkout.
  3. Tell the cashier you wish to make a donation to Bikeshare Hawaii (code 78990) and the amount of your donation, up to $249.
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Donations to each organization are tracked, and Foodland’s matching gift is divided proportionately among all participating organizations based on customer donations to the organizations. 

Why donate?

Until Biki fare revenue hits a certain threshold and the initial equipment purchase is paid off, Bikeshare Hawaii will continue to be funded entirely by grants and donations from organizations and individuals. These contributions support our work in planning and designing the system and targeted programs in alignment with city and state initiatives and community priorities. Some of the ways that our small team of three use resources to accomplish this are: 


Biki workshop with Hawaii Bicycling League
Biki workshop with Hawaii Bicycling League
In-person outreach
In-person outreach
Biki Social Rides Program for residents 50+
Biki Social Rides Program for residents 50+
Helmet distribution at Waikiki Health
Helmet distribution at Waikiki Health


Bikeshare Hawaii’s mission is to provide the public with high quality, convenient, reliable, and affordable bikeshare services that enhance community health and livability, strengthen our public transportation system, and connect people to more places where they live, work and play throughout Hawaii nei.

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