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As we near our anniversary and reflect on the first year, we'd like to give a special shout-out to some of our top Biki riders. 


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Wondering how many trips you've completed in the past week, month or even since you first signed up? Simply login to your account, select "Trips" and choose a date range! Details about each trip will be listed including the date, start and end location and the duration. 

Words from our top riders

Our riders offered some insight as to why and how they ride Biki! If you're interested in sharing your Biki story, please email a testimonial to

"Growing up, I was taught to drive a car.  Now as a 30-year-old, never did I think this sort of transportation could be the way that I move around. It’s an extremely cost-effective way to travel, it’s healthier, and when you’re biking around Honolulu, it’s faster! Try to move around by bike a few times this week and see how efficient it is. This lifestyle improvement is there for the taking.  - Emily W., $15 Monthly Member


"My wife Cathy and I really have enjoyed incorporating Biki into both our work life and recreational life on a daily basis." - Robert M., $25 Monthly Member

**Cathy also made the top rider list! Shout-out to all the Biki couples out there! 


"When Biki launched their program, the company installed a rack just outside of our apartment.  I simply thought instead of struggling to find parking at the workout location, I might as well take advantage of this bike ride, warm up as I ride to my work out and they also have several racks close to my workout - how cool is that. I realize that after over a year I could have purchased a bike, but Biki does such a great job of maintaining them, it's probably better that I use Biki! It's a simple and easy exercise for townies to enjoy." - Richard W., Free Spirit Member 


"I returned to Hawaii last August and left my car in the mainland.  I was told by some friends on the island that this “new bike service was available.”  It was BIKI! It has been a life saver and energizer as I complete my year training in order to complete my doctorate degree.  Since my first ride, commuting around the island has opened my mind and heart to the beauty of Hawaii." - Liza J., $15 Monthly Member 


"Biki opened up Honolulu for me with its ease of use, affordability, and convenience. Without Biki I would walk everywhere and that would take forever.” - Brosnan D., $15 Monthly Member


"Traffic and pollution are freaky; just Biki." - Ariana W., $15 Monthly Member

Liza J., $15 Monthly Member
Liza J., $15 Monthly Member
Ying J., $25 Monthly Member
Ying J., $25 Monthly Member

"After I got a shoulder injury, I could no longer ride my own road bike.  Biki’s more ergonomic and comfortable design has enabled me to commute to work and around town for recreation more comfortably while my shoulder heals. Biking in town is also much faster, more relaxing, and more affordable than driving. Most importantly, besides walking, biking is the form of transportation that has the least impact on our beautiful environment!" - Clarice S. $25 Monthly Member 


I use Biki everyday to go to work, gym, and even grocery shopping. I love riding all over and the convenience of all the Biki Stops around Honolulu".  - Risa S., Member $15 Monthly


"If you can't get there on Biki, it ain't worth going." - Ying G., $25 Monthly Member


"I likes Bikeshare because it takes the stress away the stress of commuting and eliminates the need for a car while living in Waikiki" - Vinnie L., $15 Monthly Member

**You may remember Vinnie as "Mr. December" Biki Member of the Month

Social Media All Stars

A few of our favorite "Bikigrams" from the past year

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From top left - @yukiko_hiwalker, @elliy723_smith, @pvanhoof, @alohaholoholo, @miki772284, @swaddix, @darinmiyashiro808, @_isaacakiona, @afloat_hawaii_photo

Biki's First birthday party

Don't miss our anniversary celebration! 

Thursday, June 28th


4 - 6pm

Honolulu Hale Lawn

King & Punchbowl


Invite your friends and help us spread the word!


Mahalo to our 2018 top supporters!


Thank you to all our major donors, partners, riders and members of the Honolulu community for helping to make this year possible. We can't wait for another great year with you! 

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