Biki in 2017


2017 was an exciting year for Biki. We officially launched on June 28th, joining a growing network of over 60 bikeshare cities across the nation. We’re grateful to have observed Honolulu embrace this new form of transportation and excited to update you on the various trends, statistics and records we have compiled from Biki’s initial 6-months.


Out of 360,729 total rides, nearly two-thirds (231,414) were taken by Oahu residents, as indicated by the reported zip code for each of those trips.


“We are encouraged to see that ridership continues to grow. It illustrates without a doubt we are fulfilling our mission to provide a viable transportation option for both kamaaina and visitors,” said Lori McCarney, CEO of Bikeshare Hawaii. “We’re especially delighted to see that the majority of trips are made by residents, not visitors. We know that many visitors arrive here already familiar with bikeshare in their home cities. Seeing residents learn about and adopt Biki so quickly makes us proud.”


Most Popular Member Plan



The $20 Free Spirit Plan remains the most popular of the three member pricing plans which offers a bank of 300 minutes (or five hours) to use however and whenever.


Monthly plans ($25 and $15 options) are on the rise, 34% compared to 22% at the 3-month mark, showing that more members are using and relying on Biki consistently and regularly.



Top Biki Stops



Out of the top 10 most utilized Biki Stops, 7 are in Waikiki and 3 in Ala Moana/Kakaako. The top 3 rider zip codes remain 96815 (Waikiki), 96813 (Downtown/Chinatown) and 96826 (McCully/Moiliili), demonstrating that residents contribute significantly to the popularity of Waikiki Biki Stops.



Records & Trends


The highest number of rides taken on a single day is November 3, the day that President Trump arrived on island for a stopover on his trip to Asia. People were aware of the planned road closures and expected traffic congestion and opted for Biki as an alternative form of transportation. This exceeded our previous record of 2,746 rides on July 4th,when parking was at a minimum for the Ala Moana fireworks show.


The slowest day was on December 26 when Oahu was hit with flash flood warnings and torrential downpours. Shout out to the riders who chose to brave it on a Biki that day! Although poor conditions have a noticeable impact on usage, we’re fortunate to have some of the best weather in the country, allowing us to operate year-round.





Trip Duration


Members’ shorter trips suggest regular, purposeful use—to and from the office, to meetings, to lunch, for quick errands. Casual riders may be more likely to simply explore and sightsee without building a ridership pattern. It’s interesting to note Biki’s use for shopping, dining, and exercise among all types of riders.



Biki Bicycling Basics



Since July, Hawaii Bicycling League and Bikeshare Hawaii have offered regular 2-hour workshops reviewing Biki bikeshare, Honolulu’s bicycling laws and safe cycling tips. These ongoing classes are free and open to the public. Register online to reserve your spot!


Community Input



Since the “request a station” form was added in mid-October, there have been 81 new Biki Stop locations suggested by members of the community. The most popular requests include Makiki, University of Hawaii, Kapiolani Park and Iwilei/Dole Cannery.


“As we develop expansion plans for Biki in 2018, we’re aligning them with location requests we receive from the community,” says Lori McCarney, CEO of Bikeshare Hawaii. “From the beginning, public input has been a priority for our program. We are delighted by the feedback and support we have received from the community so far, and seek ongoing input to finalize locations for Biki’s next phase. We expect to be able to add somewhere between 30 and 50 new Biki Stops as early as summer so more folks will be able to conveniently connect to Biki’s existing 100-station network.” 


Be part of bikeshare. Offer your input to help Biki grow! 



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