Biki Member Spotlight

Name and plan type: Eric and Charlotte, Voyager Plans

We signed up for Biki this past May after participating in the Hawaii Bike Challenge. We wanted to see if biking was genuinely something we could do more of. This also coincided with the time we sold one of our cars!

How has Biki impacted your life? We exercise more often thanks to Biki, and we are definitely saving money. We were able to downsize to just one EV and are often riding Biki while that charges.
What do you like about Biki? We like that we don’t have to store or maintain the bikes, or worry about carrying (and perhaps losing) locks, keys, and chains with us. We know where the stations are and we don’t have to worry about theft. Even if we weren’t signed up for a Biki membership, we like that the bikes would still be available to us, and at a cost that seems reasonable for the ride, at least to us.
How do you think Biki benefits the Honolulu community? At least for those living in town, Biki is a great way to realize the benefits of the sharing economy. Most importantly, it raises awareness that cycling is, or at least maybe ought to be, a valid form of serious transport. If we’re going to stave off some of the continuing destruction caused by the greenhouse-gas-driven climate crisis it’s really people in their local community changing their habits that’s going to save the day, isn’t it? People are still mindlessly spending thousands of dollars each year buying and maintaining gas-guzzling cars for the privilege of getting stuck in the very same traffic they themselves are creating by participating in our current commuting culture. It seems there’s a better way, better for our physical health, and our mental wellbeing, better for our pocket books, and for this earth we rely on, too. It may seem a bit weird that such a response may be inspired from utilizing one's local bikeshare service, and yet there it is, and here we are! Really though, feel free to try out Biki, you may have a lot of fun, or find it really convenient, and either way, you won’t be polluting the planet.
Favorite place to Biki: Ala Moana Beach Park is close to us, and getting there now feels safer thanks to the dedicated bike lanes available along much of Ward Avenue. We also love the shade when riding along Kapiolani Park.
Best Biki Tip: If you’re bringing a water bottle, make sure there’s some portion that can have the front basket’s elastic band loop through it. We also recommend bringing a pocket-sized bottle of hand sanitizer to apply to our hands and the grips both before and after our rides. Keep the community safe and healthy!

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