Any of these situations sound familiar?


Why bikeshare should be part of every resident's transportation diet

By Morgan Pōmaikaʻi Lee, 2021 Biki Ambassador

Any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You've circled around for 10 minutes looking for parking before settling for a spot a 15-minute walk from your destination.
  • You've decided not to attend something because you don't want to spend $20 to park. 
  • You're going to carpool to hang out on the other side of the island with friends but they want you to meet them at their house and you don't want to leave your car there all day.
  • Your bike, your primary mode of transportation, has a flat tire.
  • You wanted to bike there, but it's going to be really inconvenient to return that way after you do your grocery shopping.
  • You're spending too much money on gas.
  • You can take TheBus, but the route isn't direct and takes twice as long with all the frequent stops. 
  • You're going to arrive together but don't want the pressure of leaving when everyone else does.
  • The prices of ridesharing apps turned nightmarish seemingly overnight.

If you nodded your head in frustration to any of these scenarios, I feel your pain. Most of us don't think we devote significant amounts of mental energy to transportation, but working through the logistics of getting here and there can easily turn into spending 30 extra minutes on Google Maps and texting our friends. As a bike owner who doesn't have my own car, one of the biggest hacks of my adult life has my bikeshare membership. Time and time again, bikeshare has offered my friends and I alternatives, solutions, and back-ups without us having to spend more money or waste time problem solving. And, when we're not just turning to bikes to overcome any of these logistical obstacles, incorporating Biki into our daily lives keeps the cost of living down on an expensive island.

As a reminder: Kama'āina pay as little as $15 per month for unlimited access to bikes at over 130 Biki Stops across downtown Honolulu. If you're a Hawaii resident and haven't taken advantage of this deal yet, I urge you to sign up ASAP. 

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