New Coworking Membership Includes Biki Plans


Entrepreneurs Sandbox

Just last week, a new Kakaako coworking space celebrated its grand opening. Entrepreneurs Sandbox, managed by BoxJelly Coworking is a community hub to inspire creativity, technology, and entrepreneurship. This 13,500 square foot facility features event space, coworking and collaboration space, meeting rooms, small offices, and a Biki Stop right out front! 



Entrepreneurs Sandbox is located right by Biki Stop #211 on Ilalo Street
Entrepreneurs Sandbox is located right by Biki Stop #211 on Ilalo Street

A StartUp Membership ($85/month) offers several benefits including access to the collaboration space and amenities, discounts on member programming and events, access to the community network AND a monthly Biki Plan. With a Biki Stop located right outside its front doors, bikeshare is a convenient option for coworkers to go to and from meetings, grab a bite to eat or get some fresh air while taking a much-needed break. The Commuter Plan gives all coworkers an unlimited number of 30-minute Biki trips to get where they need to go. The plan is also available to all residents aged 16+ on the Biki App or

We asked Dan Pham, Director of Operations at BoxJelly, to explain the reasoning behind including a Biki Plan in all coworking memberships. His response:
"CoWorking is a luxury. The national average price for a full-time coworking membership is $198/month. We saw our partnership with HTDC, a state agency, at the Entrepreneurs Sandbox as an opportunity to buck trends and make coworking more accessible. We thought about accessibility at all levels. Price is a barrier, so we dropped it. Parking in Honolulu is a problem so we included a Biki membership. Not only does this solve issues with parking but it provides an alternative and more sustainable mode of transportation. Our plan was developed to open up coworking to those that haven't had the opportunity to work in a shared space, or to those that tried to find a reason not to. With the Sandbox, there is no reason not to try it."
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The venue also hosts several events that are free and open to the public including HiTech StoryCreative Mornings, and the Honolulu Print and Book Fair. These events are a great opportunity to see the space if you haven't done so already. 

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