Farm Link Hawaii Partners with Biki


A new bike design has hit the streets! We're excited to partner with Farm Link Hawai'i and Elemental Excelerator to support local farms and increase awareness about local food sourcing. 

What is Farm Link Hawaii?

Launched in 2015, Farm Link Hawai‘i has helped 200 local farms distribute and market their products to 1,400 unique buyers. Their online marketplace, decentralized cold storage hubs, and delivery network allow local farmers to sell to commercial and household buyers across Oʻahu while minimizing marketing and distribution costs. 

"After the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order in Hawai‘i, local growers saw a sharp decline in restaurant and farmers’ market sales," states Rob Barreca, CEO and Founder of Farm Link Hawai'i. "At the same time, demand from individual households on the Farm Link online marketplace increased by 3,000%, with over 5,800 new sign-ups during March and April. To ensure farmers keep planting and the community keeps eating, Farm Link transformed its operation to help local farmers with direct-to-consumer sales and home delivery. Farm Link is also working to be able to accept SNAP-EBT sometime during the summer."

Bikeshare Hawaii is a part of Elemental Excelerator's 8th cohort. Elemental's mission is to accelerate solutions to urgent environmental challenges and deploy them in the communities that need them the most. As a part of Elemental's 8th cohort, Bikeshare Hawaii was awarded funding, coaching, and other resources to expand its positive impact on our communities and environment. To support Elemental's mission and share a message of local resilience, 50 Biki bikes now feature another local Elemental Cohort 8 company: Farm Link Hawaiʻi.

Farm Link Hawai'i is a platform to connect small farmers with families and businesses. Farm Link Hawai'i is now expanding food delivery to families at home, scaling the supply of fresh food from neighbor islands, and deepening their operations and logistics capacity in support of Hawai'i's local food system.


Why does Elemental Excelerator support Bikeshare Hawaii?

Bikeshare Hawaii provides our residents and visitors with a much needed low-cost, convenient and zero-emissions transportation that is healthy for users and the environment. Bikeshare is a fun way to unlock the benefits and beauty of Honolulu. A single Elemental-sponsored Biki has the potential to serve nearly 2500 riders, travel more than 6700 miles, and save 2219.9 lbs of carbon annually (compared to a car). Multiply that by 50 (for each Farm Link Hawaiʻi bike) to see the positive impact that Bikeshare Hawaii and Biki have had on our communities and environment.


Bikeshare Hawaii is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that relies solely on sponsorships, donations and grants to carry out our mission. We recognize are top supporters on the bikes, and install their artwork on the baskets and wheel covers of a portion of our fleet. If you are interested in working with us to increase access and expand mobility options while bringing health and environmental benefits to our community, please get in touch! 

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