Free Rides on March 4


Help us beat the Biki record on Sunday, March 4! We’re aiming to provide over 4000 trips in one day and are offering free rides for all new users to help us get there.


All new Biki riders are eligible to redeem one free, 30-minute ride to and from any of the 100 Biki Stops located from Downtown to Diamond Head.


To redeem:

  1. Simply download the free Biki Mobile App on your Apple or Android device, or, visit any Biki Stop kiosk.
  2. Purchase a single ride (up to 30-minutes) and enter the promotion code: BIKI4K
  3. After confirming your purchase, enter the unique 5 digit code at a Biki Dock, wait for the green light and remove your bike. You’re ready to ride!
  4. Return your bike to any Biki Stop by pushing into an open dock. Wait for the green light to confirm it’s locked in place and your ride time has ended.


If you are a current Biki Member we thank you! Please consider including a Biki trip in your day to help us achieve 4k on March 4th. Prizes will be randomly awarded throughout the day to thank those for helping Biki attempt to beat the record! Follow us at @gobikihi for prize information and updates throughout the day. Don’t forget to post photos of your Biki adventures!


Customer Support is available to answer any questions and provide assistance from 6am-11pm: 888-340-2454.


Please note:

  • Normal overage fees kick in after the 30-minute mark. Single rides are $3.50 for each 30 minutes of use after the initial free 30 minutes. A $50 temporary security hold will still apply and will be released within 3-5 business days after the bike is returned.
  • Biki riders must be 16 years and older, and must register with a credit or debit card.
  • Biki riders are reminded to follow Honolulu ordinances and heed any traffic guidance or detours that are in place. Biki riders are also reminded that biking on sidewalks in Waikiki and Downtown is prohibited.
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