Gift Ideas


Get them a gift that will make biking even better. Here's our 2019 holiday gift guide with top suggestions from some of the folks who use Biki the most. 

A Biki Gift Certificate

The best way to keep your favorite rider rollin'. Give her another month of unlimited rides with a Commuter Plan or Voyager Plan; or, hook him up with a Free Spirit Plan for a bank of 300 minutes. 


There are so many great options out there, but our riders use and recommend the models below, such as the MOKFIREGiro,and the collapsible 174HUDSON Stack.


We also stock helmets in 3 colors our Biki HQ for a $20 donation. Additionally, we suggest browsing the selections at local shops such as The Bike ShopIsland Triathlon and Bike and Boca Hawaii

$15 off packable helmets (regularly $79.99, not including shipping). PROMO CODE: "BIKISTACK" valid through 12/31/19.

The stylish 174HUDSON STACK can collapse down by more than 40%, making it ideal for backpacks, briefcases & more.


Living in Hawaii, you know that it can go from sunny skies to raindrops in a matter of minutes. Save them from showing up soaked to that business meeting by gifting them with a raincoat. Look for a lightweight option with side vents so they don't get too sweaty, and try to find a hood that cinches on their head while they pedal. Although Bikis have automatic pedal-powered front and rear lights, bright colored clothing or reflectors are always a good idea to increase his visibility (especially in a downpour). 

basically anything in backpack form

A spacious backpack makes commuting by bike much easier! Consider an insulated version so your rider can pack a picnic and pedal to the beach, or get them a convenient foldable backpack to have on hand for those spontaneous shopping trips. Fanny packs are also perfect if they just need to store a phone and a set of keys - some even come with built-in USB chargers! 

Insulated cooler bag

Foldable travel backpack

Waterproof laptop bag


They'll be able to transport their coffee in the morning and then refill with ice cold water in the afternoon. Riders recommend looking for a bottle that comes with a sturdy clip, so it can be securely attached to the bungee in the front basket. Make sure to look for a good quality bottle that won't leak, and maybe even consider a collapsible model!

Fitness tracker or smart watch

These watches are proven motivators, measuring movement, encouraging individuals to be more active and even helping them set goals.

The Fitbit (left) is a popular model, offering less expensive and fancier versions. The free Strava app is another great tool recommended by Biki members that enables riders to easily track their Biki trips. 



Show some love with an Adopt-a-Biki! Write a heart-felt inscription to be placed on one of the bikes in our fleet. They'll be able to track their adopted Biki on our online dashboard to see how many riders their bike has served, the number of miles it's travelled and calories it's burned. If you want to make an extra big impression, consider adopting their favorite Biki Stop in their honor. 

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