Highlights of 2020


It was a challenging year, but we still think it's important to celebrate the silver linings! Here's a look at some of our top moments of 2020...


Despite the significant decline in ridership due to COVID-19, we never stopped offering a 24/7 transportation service. Over 830,000 Biki trips took place in 2020, many of which were essential trips for work, exercise, and errands. We revised our standard operating procedures to keep the community safe by shifting resources to equipment sanitation.


In a recent survey, 79% of members said they believe Biki is the safest option of public transportation during the pandemic. >>>


Honolulu joined cities across the globe in closing streets to traffic and opening them up to bicyclists, walkers and individuals using other forms of micro-mobility. On four consecutive Sundays this past summer, residents headed over to Kalakaua Avenue  to bike, walk, skate and come together in a socially-distant and unique way. >>>

Pensacola Protected Bike Lane

Another protected bike lane was added to Oahu's transportation network, making Honolulu's streets safer and more connected. This protected bike lane now runs from Wilder Avenue to Kapiolani Boulevard, providing a much-needed mauka to makai connection for cyclists. In even better news, another bike lane is currently being constructed on Ward Avenue, and expected to be ready by early 2021. >>>


We had to remove some stations to accommodate a big city paving project, but turned lemons into lemonade by reinstalling them in highly requested areas including Kaimuki, Don Quijote, and Leahi Beach Park. The three new Kaimuki Biki Stops increase access to the numerous local businesses along Waialae Avenue and will help relieve the parking shortages expected to result from the upcoming closure of Kaimuki Municipal Parking Lot #2. >>>


We wrapped up our work with Ad 2 Hawaii and finished a 30 second PSA now airing on your favorite local tv stations. Ad 2 Hawaii provided this work at no cost to Bikeshare Hawaii, the non-profit recipient of their annual Public Service Campaign. Watch it here >>


We finished our first ever Honolulu Bikeshare Report to look at the impact Biki has had on the community. Be sure to check it out to learn more about Biki's history, ridership data, and it's health, environmental and economic benefits. >>>


Huge mahalo to our members and supporters for keeping us rolling this year! 

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