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Over the past year, Mariah has taken more than 1250 Biki rides and attributes bikeshare to helping her lose over 40 pounds, connect with the love of her life and improve her financial situation. We were so impressed and intrigued that we reached out to Mariah to learn more about how and why she has incorporated Biki into her life.


Thank you Mariah for sharing your story, advice and enthusiasm with us! 

What made you decide to join Biki?

When I first came to Hawaii I was earning my Master's at HPU. I was a full-time employee and student, with a university bus pass but after graduating I had to find an alternative. I was fortunate to receive a free car from the Living The Word Ministries, but I was paying so much for insurance, gas and parking. The highest downtown rate was $380, which was like a whole paycheck at the time. I ended up paying $150 but I still had to bus to get to my workplace. I offered to give the car back after about 5 months and went from paying $150 a month PLUS a bus ride to $15.00 a month plus a healthier lifestyle! 


Why do you use Biki?

I am balling on a budget. 12 months, 15 bucks a month ($180 per year). Yes, you can buy a bike for that much - but Biki is more reliable, safer, worry-free. Unlock, ride, return. End of discussion. No concerns or doubts about your bike or bike parts being stolen, ongoing maintenance, etc. The only surprise you might experience is an empty station, which is a win-win because you get to take a stroll down the block and enjoy the scenery on your way to the next station.


In one week alone my partner spent more $128.00 on rideshare. I introduced him to Biki and now I love hearing him talk about being healthy and taking care of the environment. Well, I love hearing him talk about anything with his blissful Jamaican accent! 

Best Biki Tip

Nobody has ever died from being late. Ride safe for yourself and others. There's not always bike lanes or enough seconds to make the light down the block. No worries, be safe. 

Do you Biki Together?

We use Biki daily and it adds to our relationship in such a grand way. When I first met Kevin, he mentioned he had never tried it before, so, for our first official date I showed him how to check out a bike and we departed for a semi-long, romantic ride from Aloha Tower to Lanikai Juice at Kakaako.


This Biki to breakfast experience totally added to our connection and I was able to learn a lot more about him. He had not ridden a bike since he was a child in Jamaica, so it was awesome teaching him something and offering a new experience. We talked about the ride for days following and now ride regularly to Whole Foods, Aloha Tower, around the city and to Ala Moana. It gives us more options, keeps us healthy, helps us grow together and communicate better. We truly believe there is release, joy, peace, laughter, connection, adventure and love through Biki.  We may even ride down the aisle together.... I never would have guessed so much could come from a Biki trip. 

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Anything you want to share with Biki Members or those who haven't given it a try?

Nike said it best...Just Do It. It will make your heart and soul smile. One ride is only 4 quaters less than a bus ride AND you do not have to wait. I first thought biking was a joke and childish when I was figuring out how to make it to work in time. Now there is no shame in my game since it just makes so much sense.  I have definitely been given and gave a new perspective of biking to others. It is a nice feeling of unity and connection when you pass/see/know others using Biki too. It's like the best bike club ever!

Have a fun or unique Biki story, idea or experience you want to share? We want to hear from you! Email info@bikesharehawaii.org to get in touch. 

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