Meals on (Biki) Wheels


In April, Kanu Hawaii hosted Volunteer Week and brought together 100+ events & 5,000+ volunteers across 7 islands! We took the opportunity to partner with Hawaii Meals on Wheels (HMOW) during the week to encourage individuals and coworkers to deliver meals to the community on Biki bikes! 

Biki Meals on Wheels
Biki Meals on Wheels

From left to right: Cameron Black and Jonathan Chin from the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism Office (DBEDT), Daniel Simonich from ProsPac Holdings, June Chee from DBEDT, Dember Domen and Ben Trevino from Hawaii Authority for Rapid Transit (HART)

HMOW is always looking for volunteers, and they're really flexible - they make it very so convenient for individuals or groups to do a one-day volunteer experience, or commit to recurring shifts every week or month. They serve over 400 meals a day to Hawaii's kupuna, providing them with hot meals as well as some company during lunch or dinner time.


During April's Volunteer Week, we adapted the route that volunteers typically take by car, to create 11 Biki shifts. Thanks to the Biki basket, with teams of two or more the food delivery process became easier! Throughout the week, a total of 23 Biki members volunteered during their lunch breaks to deliver over 70 meals and get some exercise and fresh air while doing it! Every participant reported that this was their first time volunteering with HMOW, and we were excited to hear they are eager to participate again. 


Thanks to HHF Planners, Blue Planet Foundation, HART, DBEDT, OahuMPO, and Office of Climate Change Sustainability and Resiliency for rallying coworkers to volunteer as a group! A special shout-out goes to our high school volunteer Jack who used this opportunity to try Biki for the first time and complete his final hours of volunteer service for St Louis High School! 


"I volunteered to find more fun and convenient ways for my colleagues at work to get involved in their communities. Meal delivery on Biki was a fun, easy, and rewarding way to give back a little in the middle of the day!"

-Ben F., HART

"Volunteering is a fun and rewarding way to contribute to the community. Biking while volunteering makes it more so! I participated in this event because Meals on (Biki) Wheels was a combo of things I like, using bikes as a functional mode of transport while delivering meals to folks who may be less mobile. The best part was making the delivery itself, because everyone likes a hot meal and the genuine gratitude of the recipients was refreshing. It was also nice to get out of the office and ride around town on my lunch break."

- Jonathan C., DBEDT

"As a Saint Louis School student, I was looking for a way to volunteer in my community.  I am also a BikeFactory employee and love riding my bike on the streets of Honolulu. On two afternoons in April, I had the opportunity to deliver meals in Waikiki on a Biki Bike.  I picked up the meals from the Oahu Care facility on Beretania Street, rode to Kalakaua Avenue on a Biki Bike, and delivered the meals to an elderly couple with limited mobility and special dietary needs.  It was especially rewarding to use my love of bikes to serve others."
- Jack M., High School Student

"I was happy to volunteer for Biki Meals on Wheels! It was fun to get on Biki and deliver meals by bicycle. It was a great opportunity to be active while doing something good for my community. Thank you for this great opportunity! I’m excited to do it again in the future."

-Diane Dohm, OahuMPO

"Delivering food to Hawaii Meals on Wheels’ clients on Biki bikes was a fun and easy way to help others in our community.  What a physically and spiritually rewarding way to spend a lunch break!  Thanks to both organizations for the opportunity and for making the entire delivery process so efficient.  The partnership between Hawaii Meals on Wheels and Biki makes a lot of sense."

- Cam B., DBEDT

"Meals on wheels hold a very special place in my heart as they have delivered food to my ohana. The service that Hawaii Meals on Wheels is priceless! When I learned about the collaboration with Biki and Meals on Wheels I was excited and honored to volunteer my time to deliver a meal to someone’s kupuna. This experience is humbling and I hope to participate in it in the near future."

-Dember D., HART 

Want to sign up for a delivery shift?

Since Volunteer Week, a number of organizations have reached out to us with interest in creating their own Meals on (Biki) Wheels program with their employees, friends, or group. We are excited to be able to connect HMOW with new, enthusiastic volunteers, and our heart is warmed by the generosity of the Biki community. If you'd like want to learn more or sign up for a shift, please contact Brad Akamu at


Be sure to send us your photos! 

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