New Biki Adopter!


A huge mahalo to rider Chris T, who recently adopted a Biki! As the adopter of 1 of our 1300 bikes, Chris provided an inscription "One less car on the road" that we placed on the bike's chain guard. He is now able to track his bike and its impacts through our online dashboard, which provides information about the number of riders served, emissions avoided, CO2 burned and miles traveled. 

Biki Adopter - Chris
Why did you decide to adopt a Biki?
 During this pandemic, my wife & I are fortunate to not have had our jobs or incomes impacted. We picked three charities to distribute our "Economic Impact Payment" who would do far more good with the funds than we would. Biki released details about a dropoff in ridership, and I don't want our local bikeshare to be another victim of this disease.
How did you choose your message?
 I had initially tried some clever attempt at humor. My wife suggested something more serious, so we decided to highlight the value of having Biki available as an alternative to driving. We had a few extra characters, so we included the website of the Hawaii Bicycling League (, which helps advocate for more biking infrastructure.
 How does Biki benefit the community?
My neighborhood of Makiki is about 3 miles from the major work centers of downtown and Waikiki. This distance is a suitable amount to allow commuters to ride a bike instead of driving a car, and Biki provides this option to those who cannot own or store a bike themselves. Benefits of making this switch include reduced car traffic, increased exercise, and less fighting for parking.
Are you a Biki rider? And if so, what do you like about it? 
While I have my own bike, I still find time to use Biki. Biki has the advantage for one-way bike trips, as well as for those where I'd worry about the security of my own bike. I had my lights stolen once, and it was an unpleasantly dark ride home.
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All Adopt-a-Biki donations go to Bikeshare Hawaii, the 501(c)3 non-profit that manages the Biki program. These donations directly support community outreach, events, education workshops, and safety and access programming.

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