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Pensacola Bikeway


Construction of the Pensacola protected bike lane has begun! The two-way protected bike lane will span from Wilder Street to Kapiolani Boulevard on the Diamond Head side of the street. This project is one of the Department of Transportation Services complete streets initiatives, and a step towards increasing the connectivity and safety of our community.

What will it look like?

Image: Honolulu Complete Streets

The Pensacola project will look similar to the King Street and South Street protected bike lanes (completed in 2014 and 2017): a two-way protected lane on a one-way street. This means that, while drivers can only travel in the mauka to makai direction, cyclists can ride both ways. This design provides the necessary space and protection for cyclists while reducing the risk of collisions with vehicles. 

According to Hawaii Bicycling League, shortly after the completion of the projects, bicycling increased on King St  by 125% and on South St by 381%

Who will it serve?

The Pensacola protected bike lane will create a safe bicycle route to Makiki and Ala Moana/Kakaako, connecting riders to their homes, places of employment, and popular destinations such as Ala Moana Beach Park and Ala Moana Shopping Center. It will conveniently intersect King Street, one of the most popular routes for bike commuters. 


Several Biki Stops are already located on or within close proximity to the route. See map

Construction is expected to conclude this summer! 


For more information on this project and other infrastructure updates, please visit:

Screenshot from Biki Mobile App
Screenshot from Biki Mobile App
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