Rainy riding tips


In Hawaii, we’re lucky to have some of the best weather in the world. But, if you’ve biked at all this month, chances are you’ve had to brave the wind and rain. We’ll still take it over freezing temps and snowstorms any day, but encourage you to review these simple tips to keep you safe when riding in inclement weather.


Beware of slippery surfaces

Painted roadway markers, manhole covers, and leafy debris can become extra slick during and after the rain. When riding over these surfaces, head straight and avoid making abrupt stops and turns.

Stay visible

Biki bikes come equipped with reflectors and rear and front lights that automatically start blinking as soon as you start pedaling. Be sure your belongings and clothing do not block these lights so you can stay visible. Bright clothing and reflective gear are always a good idea, too!

Brake early and make slow turns

When coming to a stop, ease on the brakes earlier than normal. It’s a good idea to brake before making turns and keep your Biki upright instead of leaning into corners.

Steer clear of puddles

Splashing through puddles might make you feel like a kid again, but you don’t know what’s lurking underneath. Ride around puddles whenever it’s safe to do so to avoid massive potholes, oily water, and other hazards.

Even on the rainiest of days, we still see a minimum of 1000 Biki riders brave the streets (compared to upwards of 3000 on a sunny day). Our bikes offer many features to keep you as comfortable as possible during the rain, such as fender covers on the wheels to prevent muddy water from splashing all over your back and shoes. Inclement weather requires more bike maintenance, so bikeshare helps you avoid the extra work and costs. Plus, remember that when you ride Biki, you always have the option to just park your bike at over 130 stations and take the bus or use rideshare if it gets too stormy to ride.

When you do ride, accept that you will likely get wet. Invest in a good rain jacket, use a waterproof bag and consider packing a change of clothes. Wearing glasses and helmets are always a good idea, too, which we now carry in our merch store!

Stay safe and enjoy the rainbows!

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