Connecting Biki with public transit


When most talk about Biki, they usually focus on the bike trip and not how it also is a great connector to / from transit …for either that late night owl connection or to skip a long wait for your second bus, etc. Transportation planners call this the ‘first and last mile problem’. These are those transit trips that are often the shortest but can often take the most time to complete due to long transfer wait times.

Transit is a valuable mobility resource for many Biki riders, as 19% of our members reported connecting a bus trip with a Biki bike ride (2022 Biki Member Survey). Additionally, a 2021 citywide survey of residents by OTS (TheBus people) found that Biki bikeshare was the third most needed transportation resource with public transit. This priority ranking was pretty consistent across all transit user types.

To further support the adoption of transit and cycling, we at Bikeshare Hawaii, have worked to integrate our data for station locations, bike supply and dock availability in two transit apps: the Transit app and the Citymapper app. So, the next time you take TheBus, be sure to download these apps and toggle the bikeshare feature to see how Biki can get you to or from your traditional transit ride in town. It might just get you to your destination quicker. These apps also work on the continent, so take them on your next holo holo trip.

In conclusion, when you Think of Biki, think of it as not only a fun pedal but as ‘bike transit’.

Get connected. Download the Apps!

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