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Biki’ing on my Trip to Hawaii during the pandemic


During a visit to Hawaii during COVID-19, California residents Huy and Heather decided to use Biki as a socially-distant and fun way to explore the city. 

Is Biki/biking a new hobby for you?

This was our first time on the Biki bicycles! We saw posts online and were beyond stoked to finally get the opportunity to check them out while we were on Oahu.

Where and why do you ride?

After strolling through Ala Moana Center, we decided to head to Aloha Tower as we had never ventured over in that direction. So, we looked up the map on the Biki website and located a Biki station right across the street from the mall on the Foodland side. Within just a few minutes, we pulled out our bicycles and off we went. We rode back through Ala Moana Beach Park and finished our adventure at L&L’s for a delicious plate lunch.


What do you like about Biki?

Biki is such a great addition to the island of Oahu. Yes, it's easy to call for a ride-share service or even wait for The Bus, but having the ability to ride at your own pace and soak in the sights, sounds, and ocean breeze is just priceless. We felt super safe riding around with our masks on and not having to worry about the safety precautions in a ride share service. It's easy to find the different stations and the kiosk machine is simple to use, so we definitely plan to using Biki again. 
We appreciated seeing the Biki Crew checking on the bikes and stations around Honolulu, which truly shows the care being put into the service. We like how Biki bikes are secured at the stations, unlike in other cities where we see scooters left strewn about the streets/sidewalks, causing a sore eye and obstructing access to businesses. 

Best Biki Tip for other riders:

Planning your route ahead of time is definitely a good idea so you don’t accrue extra charges, stay in the bike lane as much as you can, adhere to the traffic signals, look both ways, but most importantly have fun!

planning to visit oahu?

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