Increasing awareness and accessibility


Waikiki Health Pilot Program results in the free distribution of 150+ helmets! 

Starting in 2017, Bikeshare Hawaii has been working with Waikiki Health to expand the awareness of Biki and the health benefits of bikeshare and biking to their community, clients, and employees. Waikiki Health hosts six sites across the Biki service area and their mission is to provide quality medical and social services that are accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of ability to pay. 


Bikeshare Hawaii, the non-profit organization that manages the Biki program, has partnered with Waikiki Health by sharing information through hosting pop-up tabling events at each of their clinics, participating in their health and wellness events, hosting Biki Basics for clients and staff, and working with Care Coordinators to distribute subsidized bikeshare memberships and monitor health impacts for a pilot group of clients.

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Since 2017, we’ve distributed over 150 helmets to the Waikiki Health community and gathered nearly 200 perspectives on perceptions and barriers to bikeshare!


Waikiki Health is also one of our partners that offers Biki as a benefit to employees, reimbursing 100% of their employees Free Spirit and Monthly Memberships. We are proud that more workplaces are recognizing bikeshare as a healthy, sustainable transportation option, and providing Biki as an incentive! 

“As a community health center, Waikiki Health values wellness for our employees. We encourage our staff to get out, get moving and utilize our community's Biki bike share system in a safe way." says Liz Makarra, Director of Emergency Operations and Community Wellness. "It's an affordable mode of transportation that contributes to overall health, we feel it's a benefit for our staff and a part of our robust wellness program.”

Waikiki Health served over 10,000 unique Honolulu residents in 2017, and the 2014 expansion of their Makahiki clinic means an increase in capacity to serve a greater number of Honolulu residents. This has made Waikiki Health a key partner in initiatives to engage with the community and share information about how bikeshare works, what the community health impacts are, and gather community insights on the perception and accessibility of our services.


Interested in sponsoring a Biki Access program that extends the benefits of bikeshare to others in the community? Please contact to share your goals and ideas. Please also consider making a tax-deductible donation to support our ongoing programs and developments. 

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