Biki Card

Once you purchase a subscription (The Commuter, The Voyager, The Free Spirit) a complimentary Biki Card will be sent to your Oahu residential address to make your experience with Biki even easier. The Biki Card is the quickest way to unlock a bike!

After purchasing your subscription, expect a call from a Biki representative to verify that we have the correct address on file. Once you receive your Biki Card (within 3-5 business days of address confirmation) you will need to activate it by logging in to your account and entering the unique 7-digit number located under the barcode.

At this time, Biki Cards are only mailed to Oahu residences.

How to use: 

  1. Find the card slot - it is located on the left of each Biki Stop docking point. 
  2. Quickly insert your Biki Pass, with the yellow arrow first.
  3. Wait for the lights to turn from yellow to green and remove your Biki! If the light turns red, or if you do not remove the bike in time, simply try again at the same dock or another one. Your time will not begin until the bike is removed. 

Lost your card? If you lose your card please call us immediately (888-340-2454) so we can deactivate and issue you a new one. There is a $5 replacement fee.

Don't want to carry around a card You can unlock bikes by using the Biki Mobile App to generate ride codes.