Biki Stop Relocated in Chinatown

Biki Stop #101, previous located at Chinatown’s Maunakea and King Streets, has been relocated to Pauahi Street and Nuuanu Avenue by The ARTS at Marks Garage. We work very closely with the city on the location of our stations, and were asked to relocate this Biki Stop to comply with the bulb out project. We received a permit for the new location at Pauahi Street and Nuuanu Avenue yesterday and are excited to now be conveniently located near Hawaii Theatre, The ARTS at Marks Garage, and several other local businesses! 

We apologize for any inconvenience that may result from the relocation of this Biki Stop. Please check the Biki App or the website map to find a nearby Biki Stop to check in/out a bike. We recommend #102 Marin & Smith, #111 Fort & King and #103 Fort & Hotel, which are all in close proximity of the Mauanakea & King location.