safety tips and Honolulu bike laws

Please Biki with Aloha and practice safe and considerate cycling. Pick up a map at any station kiosk for safety tips and bike law information. For a comprehensive list of Honolulu bicycle laws, visit


While it's not required for those 16 and over to wear a helmet, we recommend that everyone wear a helmet. If you are a resident, please consider buying a helmet from a local bicycle shop or our online shop here.

Safety TiPS & Cycling laws

Do not ride on the sidewalks.

It is against the law to ride on the sidewalk in business districts (including Waikiki and Downtown). Those caught violating this law can be subject to a $55 fine. Ride on bike paths or designated bike lanes whenever possible. If not present, ride on the roadway. 

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It is illegal to ride on the sidewalk in Waikiki and Downtown.

Check out the Hawaii Bicycling League's Oahu Bike Map to learn about designated bike lanes and existing bike infrastructure. We've also put together some favorite Biki Routes, offering safe, scenic rides suitable for all skill levels.

Never leave your Biki unattended.

You should either be riding the bike or it should be securely docked at a Biki Stop.  The bike is your responsibility and your ride time will not stop until it has been properly returned. Always look for the green light to ensure it is locked in place! 

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Obey traffic signs and signals. Come to a complete stop at stop signs!

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Walk your Biki at crosswalks and any time you ever feel it is unsafe to ride. 

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Use hand signals to signal your intention when turning and stopping. 

TIP: Try to stay at least 3 feet away from parked cars to avoid hitting a suddenly opened car door.

Biki Dont's

Stay alert. Do not ride with headphones or earbuds.

Do not ride with noise cancelling headphones or face masks that may obstruct vision. Stay alert. 

Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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People and pets should never be placed in the Biki basket. Only one rider at a time. 

Is biking in honolulu safe?

Honolulu was awarded a Bronze ranking as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the American League of Cyclist. Currently, Oahu has 2 miles of protected bike lanes, 46 miles of bike paths, 59 miles of bike lanes, and 40 miles of bike routes. Dedicated bike facilities are created to provide separation between bicyclists and motor vehicles. Bikeways such as paths and separated bike lanes allow bicyclists to ride without merging with motor vehicles, leaving cyclist and motorist feeling safer. Separation allows for a wide variety of people with varying skills, purposes, and speeds to use a bicycle. More bike lanes, paths and routes are planned for Oahu. Visit the City’s Bicycle Program to learn more about bicycle infrastructure and biking laws in Honolulu. Visit Hawaii Bicycling League's website for bike map resources and free workshops on safety and rules of the road. 

Hawaii Bicycling League leads workshops each month to help interested Biki Riders learn more about the rules of the road and biking safety. These classes are 2-hours long and include both classroom style instruction and Biki bike riding! Space is capped at 14 participants per class and sign up is required. 


Download the Oahu Bike Map - find safe riding routes in Honolulu, courtesy of Hawaii Bicycling League


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