Kama'āina Subscription

The Commuter

$25 per month

We won’t hold you back, the amount of trips you can take in one month is unlimited. This plan provides the freedom and ease to get to nearby destinations with no hassle with unlimited rides, each lasting 30 minutes or less. Don’t be trapped at the office and limited to lunch outside your building. Riding a bike is a fun alternative for getting around, discovering new favorite locations and can seamlessly fit into your daily routine or weekend adventures. This isn't just for people within the service area, Biki can easily become part of your style while enjoying your time in town.

Quick trips to where you're going

With over 130 stations in urban Honolulu we have a station for you making getting around town fast and convenient. No one has time for or enjoys sitting in traffic. This plan is perfect for your morning commutes, lunch breaks, or even getting to off-site business meetings.


We have a station nearby

Traveling frequently within the service area? Find your new favorite spot today! Check the map for station availability.