Enroll in our new employer plan!

The free and easy way to enhance the health and happiness of your employees. 

Blue Planet Foundation Biki to Lunch Employee Outing
Blue Planet Foundation Biki to Lunch Employee Outing

Why we offer employee plans

We're committed to help our community enjoy reduced carbon emissions, less congestion, calmer traffic and a healthier lifestyle. Providing easy and discounted Biki memberships through our business partnerships will help us achieve this goal. 

What employees get

  • 10% discount on our Commuter Plan, offering an unlimited number of 30 minute Biki rides. 
  • 24/7/365 availability of 1300 bikes at 130+ Biki Stops.
  • All Biki Member benefits including Biki App access, unique Biki Pass and account on GoBiki.org.
  • Popular, affordable, dependable and individual transportation option that helps reduce the expense and hassle of parking.

This offer is valid for both new and existing Biki members! 

What you get

  • Our standard program gives you an attractive employee benefit at no cost. Customized programs are also available.  You may want to consider complete or partial employee subsidies. Or maybe you’d like to explore ways an employer plan may best suit your organization.  We’re open to your ideas!
  • A resource to help employees make healthier choices, contributing to higher productivity.
  • You'll demonstrate leadership and promote your organization as an innovative, fun, community-driven and environmentally conscious.

How we make it easy

  • Customized enrollment web portal with unique company promotion code.
  • Marketing templates to encourage employee enrollment.
  • Quarterly reporting available upon request. Admin fees may apply. 

Email info@bikesharehawaii.org for more details about the employer plan and to see if your organization qualifies for participation.

Participating Businesses

We'd like to recognize the following organizations for offering fully subsidized Biki monthly memberships to all employees through a custom designed program. 

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Hawaii Convention Center Logo
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