Everybody Rides

Everybody Rides is a program, subsidized by Secure Bike Share, that brings affordable bikeshare access to local residents. Eligible Kama'āina can apply for enrollment and receive unlimited 30 minute Biki rides for only $10 per month. Through this initiative, we aim to increase access to bikeshare and reduce the cost burden of transportation.


Meeting the eligibility criteria is necessary for enrollment, and approval is required before purchase.


Our most affordable subscription. Eligible residents pay $10+tax per month.

Unlimited rides. Each ride can be up to 30 minutes.. Extra time fees will apply for rides longer than 30 minutes.

Must currently be receiving public assistance, and pre approval is required.

About Everybody Rides

This program was initiated as a collaborative effort between Secure Bike Share and Bikeshare Hawaii, driven by a shared vision of creating a truly transformative experience for the local community. Our mission is to provide affordable access to bicycles for the people of Honolulu, enabling residents to seize opportunities that can significantly enhance their lives. Biki, through its remarkable success, has demonstrated its power to create a healthy, vibrant and connected community. Our local members report having received a variety of benefits since signing up for Biki, including:

    • 69% have saved money
    • 58% exercise more often and 34% have lost weight
    • 50% drive less and 17% have reduced the number of cars in their households


We believe transportation is more than just a means to get from place to place; it serves as a powerful catalyst for change. Our members rely on Biki to commute to workplaces, access basic needs such as health care, food and education, and embrace healthier lifestyles. Everybody Rides is a commitment to empowering the community, dismantling barriers, and bridging the gaps prevalent in our underserved areas.

How to sign up

Follow these quick and easy steps to apply today, get approved, and start riding.

Step 1

Complete the application form below. Enter your personal information and upload a valid photo ID and an approved benefits document.

Step 2

Applications will be reviewed within two business days. Once approved, a welcome kit with a Biki Card will be mailed to your home address on file.

Step 3

Sign up with your Biki Card online to complete the sign-up process. Head to any nearby Biki Stop and check out a bike.

Eligibility Requirements

Review the following eligibility requirements to see if you qualify.

Have any additional questions? Give us a call.



Hawaii resident with a valid government issued ID

Applicants must be a Hawaii Resident, Age 16 or older, and have a non-expired government-issued photo ID. Valid forms of ID are:

• Drivers License
• State ID Card
• Passport

If you do not have a valid ID, you can provide proof of residency in the form of (choose one): (1) Utility bill dated within the last three months, (2) bank statement with address dated within the last three months, (3) any piece of mail addressed to you and postmarked within the last three month.



To be eligible, you must be currently receiving public assistance from the Hawaii Department of Human Services. Public assistance may be in the form of SNAP, TANF, ONF, GA, Child Care Subsidies or AABD.


You must provide a Benefits Award Letter or Benefits History Document that includes your name and the duration of benefits eligibility. If you do not have either one of these documents you can request a reprint and/or a benefit history (DHS 1463) from your respective processing center. Click here for processing center contact information..



active phone number oR email

We may need to get in contact with you from time to time, so an active phone number or email address must be on file.


You will receive email communications with account updates including the status of your application, renewal confirmation and important account information.






Credit card payment

You will be billed $10 +tax every month for your subscription.


A valid credit or debit card is required. We’re sorry, but we cannot accept prepaid cards or cash at this time. Any outstanding balances must be paid off before approval.


Please remember that your subscription includes an unlimited number of 30 minute rides. If any ride exceeds the 30 minute limit, your payment method on file will be automatically charged an Extra Time fee of $5 per 30 minutes or fraction of. The average trip time is under 13 minutes, and with more than 130 Biki Stops, it’s easy to avoid potential fees.

Everybody Rides Subscription Details


Kama'āina Subscription

$10 per month

  • Access to one Biki bike at a time
  • Unlimited number of rides lasting 30 minutes or less
  • 24/7 access to all 130+ Biki Stops
  • Local perks at surrounding businesses
  • Complimentary Biki Card to easily unlock a bike with no code




There is a limit of 1 pass per qualifying applicant. 



Once approved we will mail you a key card used for sign-up. Please provide a valid mailing address to which you can receive mail.