Free Spirit Pass

$20 for a pre-paid bank of 300 minutes (that’s 5 hours, folks) that you can use for rides of any duration, over multiple rides, over any time period—days, weeks or months.  When you take out a bike from a Biki Stop, the clock starts.  When you dock it back into a Biki Stop, the clock stops.  We’ll let you know how many minutes you used and how many you have left.


You should not incur overtime charges on this plan unless you ride over your 300 minutes without reloading.  If that happens, you will automatically revert to $3.50 per each 30 minutes of ride time (or fraction of 30 minutes) until you reload or dock your bike.  But, we will let you know when you get to 60 minutes remaining and again when 30 minutes remain on your Free Spirit Pass so you can reload $20 or decide to go with 30-minute increments


Auto-Reload Bonus!


Sign up for auto-reload, and when we automatically reload your Free Spirit Pass at 30 minutes of remaining time, we’ll add an additional 30 minutes of bonus time.   It’s a good way to make your Free Spirit Pass an even better value while never worrying about overtime charges.


If you are someone who might use Biki just once in a while, and want the most flexibility in ride time, the Free Spirit Pass is the option for you.  Sign up and put the Free Spirit Pass in your pocket.  You’ll be ready to ride whenever you want to!  Or, check out the $15 Monthly and $25 Monthly plans to see if they’re a better fit.