Biki HQ is currently closed to the public. Customer service available from 8am-7pm daily at 888-340-2454.


Free Spirit Plan

$20 for a pre-paid bank of 300 minutes (that’s 5 hours, folks) that you can use for rides of any duration, over multiple rides. Your minutes won't expire for one year, so it's the best option if you want to use Biki for the occasional ride. When you take out a bike from a Biki Stop, the clock starts.  When you dock it back into a Biki Stop, the clock stops.  You can check your remaining balance by logging into your account on the Biki App or


As a Biki member you will also be able to unlock bikes to ride using the Biki Mobile App, or with your complimentary Biki Pass, which will be mailed to your Oahu residential address within 3-5 business days after signing up. 


If you are someone who might use Biki just once in a while and want the most flexibility in ride time, the Free Spirit Plan is the option for you. Or, check out the Commuter and Voyager monthly plan options to see if they’re a better fit.



You should not incur Extra Time charges on this plan unless you ride over your 300 minutes without reloading.  If that happens, you will automatically revert to the Extra Time rate of $4.50 per each 30 minutes of ride time (or fraction of 30 minutes) until you reload or dock your bike.  Sign up for Auto-Reload to avoid Extra Time charges! 

Auto-Reload Bonus!

Sign up for auto-reload, and when you have no minutes remaining, we’ll refill your 300-minute bank AND add an additional 30 minutes of bonus time. It’s a good way to make your Free Spirit Plan an even better value while never worrying about Extra Time charges.