Kama'āina Subscription

The Free Spirit

$55 Prepaid

Are you an occasional rider and always want to have a pass in your pocket. With a bank of 300 minutes, that's 5 hours, brah! You can always be ready to ride. Minutes can be redeemed for one year in any duration, over multiple rides. When you take out a bike from a Biki Stop, the clock starts.  When you dock it back into a Biki Stop, the clock stops.  You can check your remaining minute balance either online or on the Biki App.

Let your spirit run wild

Drift among our 130 stations in urban Honolulu. No matter where you may end up, we make getting around town fast and convenient. Spend your time letting your spirit run wild instead of sitting in traffic. This plan is perfect for days where you just don't know where it's headed. Always have a bucket of prepaid minutes in your pocket, ready for your next ride.


Flexibility for when you need it

The Free Spirit is good for one year, so you have the flexibility to use your 300 minutes when you want and how you want. No need to be a routine rider. Who likes routines anyway? Always having access to a Biki can get you to where you're going on your time.