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Select a gift option and we’ll email you an e-gift certificate containing a valid promotion code within 48 hours. To redeem the promotion code, the recipient will need to sign up for an account with his/her credit or debit card, or apply the promotion code to their existing Biki account. You will only be billed for the gift card + tax and will not be charged for any fees the rider may incur.



The Voyager Plan offers riders an unlimited number of 60-minute rides per month. There is no limit to how many Biki trips a monthly pass holder can take in a day!


This plan is just like the Commuter Plan, but provides more time to get from one Biki Stop to another - perfect for the leisurely rider.  Riders will not incur any Extra Time fees if they keep each trip less than 60-minutes.

Value of your gift card: 25.00

If you purchase multiple gifts, you will receive separate e-gift certificates containing each promotion code. Taxes will be applied to all gift card purchases. Need assistance? Gift cards are non-refundable, non-transferable and have no cash value.

Looking for another unique gift? Consider Adopting-A-Biki on behalf of that special someone.