FAQ-How to Biki

Biki loves people who don’t bike now.
(And maybe you’ll love having a new option for short trips in town.)

When it's too far to walk and too close to drive, you can now Biki instead.

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A 20-minute walk is just a 5 minute ride. And if you think driving is faster and easier, how much time do you waste circling a parking lot looking for an open spot?

  • unlock

Visit any of 130 Biki Stops conveniently located throughout urban Honolulu. Unlock a bike using your credit card, Biki Pass or the Biki Mobile App.

  • ride

Bike to any other Biki Stop. We bet you'll find one pretty close to your destination. Get the App to see the status and location of every Biki Stop.

  • return

Push your bike into a dock to lock it. Once you see a green light, this confirms you've returned that bike to our care. Leave it worry-free!

Questions? Call Customer Service at 1-888-340-2454

Our customer service department is available to provide assistance 7 days a week from 7am-11pm.

Why join biki

Wallet Friendly

We designed Biki to suit most budgets. Pick the pricing plan that best fits you. Change your mind later? No worries. You'll be able to switch to another plan.

It's Quick and Easy

Biki is obviously faster than walking. 4x faster in most cases. And compared to using a car? For short trips of 1-2 miles, Biki could also be faster. Unpark, drive, circle a parking lot, find a space, find out it's too small, circle some more, park.

Dress as You Like

No need to pull on spandex to ride Biki. It's made to ride in your street clothes, even business attire. Dress and heels? Absolutely. And most people will sweat less taking a short 5-10 minute ride than walking 5-10 minutes.

Gets You Moving

Why not get some blood moving through your limbs while enjoying our beautiful community? Biki whisks you away from your workspace or sofa and gets you outside. Kick the bucket seat and trade it for a Biki seat instead.

Supports Small Businesses

You don't see most small businesses when you're driving by in your car. When you Biki instead, you're slower and more observant, discovering many new places to shop and dine. You'll feel like you have a whole new city to explore.

Makes You Smile

Rolling along with a light breeze on your face. Waving to a neighbor who Biki's by. Anticipating meeting up with your friends. Feeling the freedom that only riding a bike gives you. Passing cars stuck in traffic. Biki reconnects you to the simple things in life.