The Commuter

Short Rides.

Frequent Trips.

The Voyager subscription is prefect for those shorter rides and frequent trips. With unlimited rides each lasting under 30 minutes you will be ready to hit the streets. Do you want to keep enjoying your ride beyond your plan allowance of 30 minutes? No problem, each time you ride longer than 30 minutes we will automatically charge $4.50 for each additional 30 minutes or fraction.

$15 The Voyager- Monthly Unlimited 30 minute rides

Riding on the sidewalk is only allowed in residential areas and enforced by police.

Helmets are always recommended but will not protect against meteors.

Biki is not only fun but will make you more healthy, like eating a carrot.

Your way to get around Honolulu

We won’t hold you back, the amount of trips you can take in one month is unlimited. This plan provides the freedom and ease to get to nearby destinations with no hassle with unlimited rides, each lasting 30 minutes or less. Don’t be trapped at the office and limited to lunch outside your building. Riding a bike is a fun alternative for getting around, discovering new favorite locations and can seamlessly fit into your daily routine or weekend adventures. This isn't just for people within the service area, Biki can easily become part of your style while enjoying your time in town.



  • Love the convenience! I normally run to the gym instead of driving my car, but this past weekend I rode my first Biki ride instead!
    Dan L.
  • “I love Biki because it’s not just for people who are tall! I am 5′ and it can be challenging to find a bike that is safe and easy to ride.”

    Jenn L., Free Spirit Member
  • “Biki adds pleasure to your day by allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine”

    Mariah, Free Spirit Member
  • “Biki’s a high. It’s fun. It energizes me. It’s helping me get in shape. I’m 60 but Biki makes me feel like a teen.”

    Bob G., $25 Monthly Member
  • “I like bikeshare because it takes away the stress of commuting and eliminates the need for a car while living in Waikiki”

    Vinnie L., $15 Monthly Member
  • I love the concept and the fact that you don’t have to maintain a bicycle.

  • Biki has really improved my quality of life. In the past, I would take the bus, then walk to work. Now I can get off the bus and Biki instead of walking that last segment.

    Chris C.
  • Big fan! I ride it from South Street to Kapahulu to play basketball. No more worrying about looking for parking!

    Victor H.
  • I haven’t ridden a bike in over a decade. Biki is easy to use and for everyone!

    Kathy C.
  • Riding around Ala Moana beach park was a perfect way to enjoy date night with my wife! Thanks Biki!

    Trung L.
  • “I wake up every morning and take Biki around town and along the coast for an early morning workout. It’s the perfect way to start my day!”

    Cody W., $25 Monthly Member
  • I was worried about not catching my bus but Biki got me here with three minutes to spare!

    Lauren R.
  • So happy to see people on biki every day, every where I go. They are so happy and joyful! It’s a great feeling to be surrounded by the positivity.

    Baseem M.
  • “I really enjoy the bike stations, not having to find parking, and not having to own a bike since my place has no room to store one.”

    Lisette, Free Spirit Member