Manoa to Makiki

Biki bikes connect UH students to the broader Honolulu community, helping students venture beyond the campus, experience new things and learn about the place they call home.  This popular commuter route takes students and faculty from campus to Makiki down the designated bike lanes on Metcalf St and Wilder Ave. It's quick, easy, and makes Biki an excellent option, especially for those looking to avoid the hassle and expense of parking on campus. 

Total Distance: 1.6 miles

Expected Duration: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate. This route is downhill on a designated bike lane.

To get started, sign up for a Biki Membership on or the Biki Mobile App, or purchase a single ride from a kiosk. 

Popular Route

  • Begin at Biki Stop #602, situated between the Warrior Recreation Center and the Art Building, or grab a bike from one of the other 4 stations located around campus. 
  • Ride in the Ewa direction until you reach University Avenue. You will pass end up at the intersection of Metcalf and University. You will pass Banan on your right
  • Ride down the designated bike lane on Metcalf street. The lane is marked, but is not separated from traffic by a barrier like on King Street. Ride cautiously, be predictable and expect cars to pass you on your left. You'll gain some speed on this hill so be prepared to ease on the breaks. 
  • Turn right on Wilder Ave and continue to ride in the designated bike lane. Ride past Punahou School on the right and then Makiki District Park on the left.  
  • Continue until you reach Pensacola Street where you can finish your ride at Biki Stop #425, or continue your journey down the Pensacola Protected Bike Lane
Start: Biki Stop #602
Start: Biki Stop #602
Ride on designated bike lane
Ride on designated bike lane
End: Biki Stop #425
End: Biki Stop #425

Nearby attractions:

  • Banan sells a dairy-free dessert made of locally grown bananas. Not only is their food delicious, it is also sustainably-sourced!
  • Wilder Mini Park has a Biki Stop and a big tree providing lots of shade. You can also pick up some snacks and drinks at the 7/11 across the street. 
  • Makiki District Park has a community garden, public swimming pool, tennis courts and more. Biki Stops #423 and #422 are conveniently located to serve visitors of the park.
  • Makiki Shopping Village offers many places to eat and shop. It’s frequented by many residents of the area, and is very close to Biki Stop #426.

Download the Biki App

The Biki App, available on both iPhone and Android mobile devices, is designed to help you maximize the use of Honolulu’s Bikeshare System, Biki. Download our App to find the nearest Biki stop.


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