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Multi-Stop Plan

$25 for a bank of 300 minutes

Looking for a healthy and fun way to get around during your stay in Honolulu? Simply find your most convenient Biki Stop and buy a Multi-Stop Plan at the kiosk.  This option will give you a bank of 300 minutes that can be used in any increment. The time starts each time when you remove a bike, and stops when the bike is successfully returned. 


When you're ready to ride again, simply select "I have a Pass" at another Biki Stop kiosk to generate a new ride code and see how many minutes you have remaining. 


Each Multi-Stop Plan may unlock one bike at a time. 

biki stop pacific


If you ride longer than 30 minutes, you will get an Extra Time charge of $4.50 per bike for every 30 minutes, or a fraction of 30 minutes, that is over. If you use all your minutes up simply purchase another Multi-Stop plan to avoid the Extra Time charges.