Biki HQ is currently closed to the public. Customer service available from 8am-7pm daily at 888-340-2454.



$4.00/bike for one trip up to 30 minutes

Looking for a healthy and fun way to get around during your stay in Honolulu? Simply find your most convenient Biki Stop and buy a One-Way ride at the kiosk.  Your Biki trip will probably be cheaper than taking a taxi or a shared ride (and more fun too).  


If you think you'll ride Biki more than once during your stay, consider getting the Multi-Stop Plan

Please note: $50 security hold per bike will apply to each kiosk purchase. The hold should be released within 3-5 business days following the successful return of your bike. 

Photo Credit: Shaka Guide
Photo Credit: Shaka Guide


Each time you ride longer than 30 minutes, you will get an Extra Time charge of $4.50 per bike for every 30 minutes, or fraction of 30 minutes, that is over. For example, ride for 45 minutes you’ll see an additional charge of $4.50 per bike for that ride.  Ride for 67 minutes and an additional charge of $9.00 per bike will be added for that trip.