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$5.00 per bike

Need to get somewhere fast? Don't want to worry with the hassle of parking and need to beat the traffic? If you don't ride often or don't like commitment purchase this one-way pass. You can get up to four bikes on one pass. Your Biki trip will most likely be cheaper than taking a taxi or shared ride, oh and did we mention more fun too. This pass must be used within 15 minutes of purchase.

Single Trips getting you there faster

This is the only pass that allows more then one bike so grab your friends and family and bike to a local event to avoid fighting for parking nearby. We know some people don't like commitment, no monthly subscription here only pay for each ride.


We have a station nearby

You're covered by over 130 station so there is sure to be a station near your current location and destination . Check our the map for station locations and availability.