How to redeem your promo code - BIKI APP

Promotion codes can only be redeemed at the time of rental, not in advance. Please be at a Biki Stop and ready to ride at the time of redemption.

How to Redeem
How to Redeem 2

Once you are ready to ride your Biki, click "Unlock my bike now", select the station you are at, making sure the station number on the app matches the station number located on the side of the kiosk. Get a release code by clicking on the unlock button.


You will have 5 minutes to use your release code to checkout a bike.



  • Undocking bike: For easy undocking, punch ride code into keypad and wait for the light on the dock to turn from yellow to green. Once the green light is on, lift the bike up by the back of the seat, until it comes out.
  • Returning bike: Push bike into dock and wait for light on dock to turn green.
  • Confirmation SMS Text: Enter your mobile number when signing up to receive a confirmation text message per bike rented when returned to a station.
  • Finding stations: Use the App to view real time availability of bikes and docks at stations to know where you can rent or return bikes.
  • Ride codes: Once a ride code is generated on the app, you will have 5 minutes to undock a bike before it expires. 



  • Will the code work for multiple bikes? The promo code is valid for 1 bike per credit card. If applying the promo code when renting multiple bikes, it will be applied as a discount of $3.50.
  • Does the code have to be redeemed by a new user? No, members will be the ones that will receive the promo code, and they are able to gift it if they choose to. However, a different email address must be used. 
  • Can the code be used towards a membership plan? The code is only valid for a single ride up to 30 minutes. 
  • Is there a security hold? Yes. A $50 temporary hold will be applied per bike.
  • When will the security hold be released? The security hold is released in 3-5 business days so long as bikes are securely returned.


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