South King Street Protected Bike Lane

Total Distance: 4.5 miles
Expected Duration: 35 minutes
Difficulty: Easy, this route is great for all levels!

Completed in 2014, the South King Street Protected Bike Lane runs 2 miles from Moiliili to Downtown. The first of its kind project in Hawaii, a protected bike lane separates automobiles and bicyclists with a buffer to provide an added measure of safety. For many novice cyclists, a protected bike lane offers a low-stress commute and can encourage more people to ride!


The benefit of Biki is you can commute through Honolulu without the hassle of paying for parking or sitting in traffic. We know commuting by bicycle for every commute can be demanding; our advice is to start small. Biki to a popular lunch spot with your coworkers, or enjoy a weekend cruise to explore that store you've been meaning to check out. The South King Street Protected Bike Lane is the best option to try Biki and experience some of Honolulu's bes bike infrastructure. With over 130 Biki stops, getting around Honolulu has never been easier!

Rider on the King Street Protected Bike Lane.
Rider on the King Street Protected Bike Lane.
Route begins from Old Stadium Park to Downtown

The Route

South King Street Protected Bike Lane runs 2 miles one-way from Moiliili towards Downtown. We've added 1 mile with the addition of the Civic Center Shared-Use Path and S. Hotel St. (Bus & Bikes only) to guide you into the heart of downtown Honolulu. Allow yourself 25-30 minutes to complete the 3-mile route.  Along the route, there are 11 Biki Stops for you to use to start/stop/pause your ride. It is our hope by sharing this route, locals and visitors alike will use our protected bikeways and explore the surrounding neighborhoods.


*Remember, you are still expected to follow the traffic signals. Intersections are marked with green striping to increase visibility among drivers. Be extra cautious! Make sure turning vehicles see you before crossing an intersection.*

Intersections along the protected lane are marked with green striping.
Intersections along the protected lane are marked with green striping.

The Route


  1. Starting from Moiliili; find a Biki from Old Stadium Park (#457) on Eisenberg St. and S. King St. Walk your Biki across the crosswalk on S. King Street the start your ride on the Protected Bike Lane at Eisenberg St. 
  2. Head in the Ewa direction (West) towards McCully Street. Bike on the right side of the lane, just as if you were driving on the road. 
  3. Continue on King Street, crossing over several busy streets including Punahou St, Keeaumoku St, and Piikoi St, and Pensacola St.
  4. Take a break at Thomas Square off of Ward Ave. Enjoy a concert or show at the Blaisdell. Spend the afternoon at Honolulu Museum of Art, or go for Art After Dark. There are many activities that you can commute to with Biki! Continue along the route towards South Street. 
    • OPTIONAL DETOUR: Use the South Street protected bike lane to bike towards the popular Kakaako area. Explore the famous Street Art or grab a bite to eat at SALT Block
  5. The King Street protected bike lane ends here. You can end your ride at Biki Stop #126 outside the Frank Fasi Building or continue your ride on the Civic Center Path.
  6. To continue past the Civic Center Path, cross Richards St and bike on S. Hotel Street. There is no longer a protected lane and the road is only accessible to bikes and public buses. You may not ride on the sidewalk in the Downtown area.
  7. Finish your ride at Fort Street Mall (#103) and enjoy Downtown or continue a few blocks to Chinatown.
    • OPTIONAL DETOUR: Stroll down the pedestrian street Fort Street Mall to grab a bite to eat. If it's a Tuesday or Friday, hit up the historic Open Market (7am - 1:30pm). 


Ready to Ride? Find Your Nearest Biki Stop!


King Street Protected Bike Lane
King Street Protected Bike Lane
Civic Center Path
Civic Center Path
Biki Stop #103 is located by the Fort Street Open Market
Biki Stop #103 is located by the Fort Street Open Market
Protected Bike Lanes on Oahu via "Honolulu My Way" Interactive Map

Rules of the Bikeway:


  1. Bicycles only!

  2. The Protected Bike Lane is a 2 way route; stay within your side of the lane.

  3. Be audible if you need to pass another rider; use the Biki bell as you pass other riders on their left.

  4. Use caution when passing through driveways and intersections.


Visit the City & County Department of Transportation Services Bicycle Webpage for more information.


Before you ride:

  1. Download the Biki App.

  2. Create an account.

  3. Buy your Plan.

  4. Set your route & ride!

  5. Share your photos with us using #GoBikiHi

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