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Atherton Family Foundation

Adopt-a-biki supporters

2015 The Keene Machine Lori McCarney
2015 Zoobombing Hawaiian Style - RMahti L J Martin
2015 Best friends forever Kailoa & Kawika Jennifer Pang
2015 Grace & Matt, you inspire us. Love, A&V Vincent Shigekuni
2015 Smile. You'll Catch More Bugs! Daniel Matthew Brummel
2015 This is How We Roll @ulupono #bikeshare Ulupono Initiative
2015 Anonymous Wei Fang
2015 In memory of Laura & Noe MariaTrevino
2016 Elemental Excelerator #innovatingfor100 Elemental Excelerator
2016 808-741-5656 Belinda Barnes
2016 In memory of Mary F. Fallon (1939-2002) Joseph Drennan
2016 Rick and Lori's Repurposeful Friends 2016 Rick Keene
2017 ARMY STRONG Charles Miller
2017 Chicago -- The Windy City Lilian Kanai
2017 Don't Panic it's Organic--Laglia Ohana Anthony Laglia
2017 ~ GOMOBAAT Justine Espiritu
2017 50 years of love for Jim Priscilla Growney
2018 My other bike is another Biki! Lori Lori McCarney
2018 To infinity and beyond -Ashley Ashley Gallaraga
2020 Graham & Lisa Lisa Gainsley
2020 One less car on the road HBL.ORG Christopher Tipton
2021 Don't hesitate. Vaccinate! Christopher Tipton

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