Biki updates: Year 2

Beginning October 15, 2021, the following system updates will take effect:

Walk up Fares: 

Walk-up fares may be purchased at any Biki Stop. Available to both visitors and residents.

Kiosk Rates Includes Old price New price
One-Way One ride up to 30 minutes $4.00 $4.50
Multi-Stop Multiple trips up to 300 minutes $25 $30
The Jumper Unlimited rides in a 24 hour period. Each ride may be up to 30 minutes in duration.  N/A $12


Introducing the new Pass: 

We will be introducing a new pass called The Jumper. This is a one day pass allowing unlimited rides in a 24 hour period. Each ride may be up to 30 minutes in duration. This pass may be purchased by both Kamaaina and visitors, and will be available at the kiosk and on the mobile application. 


Additional Fees:


 Fee Details

Old price 

New price

Extra Time (previously "Overage Fees") 

Applied to all trips that exceed the time included in the user's membership plan or kiosk fare. 

$4.50 /  30 minutes

$5 / 30 minutes


Kama'āina Plans:

There will be no change in prices for monthly subscriptions, The Commuter and The Voyager. The cost of the Free Spirit will increase from $20 to $25 for 300 minutes.

Kama'āina plans may be purchased on the Biki App or Local residency is required. 


Biki Membership Includes Old price New price
Commuter Plan (previously "$15 Monthly") Unlimited number of 30 minute trip per month $15 $15 
Voyager Plan (previously "$25 Monthly")  Unlimited number of 60 minute trip per month $25 $25
Free Spirit Plan Bank of 300 Minutes. Expires in one year.  $20 $25


Please note: tax will be applied to all purchases and is not reflected in the prices listed. 



If you have a question about the updates that we didn't answer in our FAQ's, or a question about your personal Biki account, please contact our local customer service team at 1-888-340-2454 between the hours of 7am -9pm daily.