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Deputy Executive Director - Job Description



Bikeshare Hawaii


Bikeshare Hawaii (BSH) is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that is responsible for Biki, the bikeshare program that currently operates in urban Honolulu. BSH acts under two primary agreements: one with the City and County of Honolulu, and the other with Secure Bike Share, a private, for-profit entity. The City’s agreement delivered seed funding to BSH and provides requirements for locating Biki stations on City property. Secure Bike Share owns the initial supply of equipment, approximately 100 bikeshare stations and 1000 bikes, and manages day-to-day operations within standards outlined in their agreement with BSH.
Bikeshare Hawaii seeks a Deputy Executive Director who can provide the leadership and hands-on skills to help lead the organization in its post-launch phase of financially self-sustaining growth and expansion. A forward-thinking, energetic, and resilient leader will find this to be a challenging and rewarding opportunity that could result in becoming BSH’s next Executive Director.



  1. Bachelor’s degree in Business, Urban or Transportation Planning, Communications, Marketing, or related field. Advanced degrees are preferred (MBA, MPA, JD).
  2. Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience
  3. Business development and fundraising experience with the ability to identify and leverage major funding sources
  4. Excellent leadership, management, written and verbal communication, and negotiation skills, including team building & collaboration across entities
  5. Ability to manage a financially viable and sustainable organization with ongoing budgeting, monitoring and reporting


Highly desired qualifications:

The successful candidate will demonstrate many of the following traits, skills, or characteristics:

  • Political and geographic familiarity with Hawaii, particularly Oahu.
  • Success in raising significant funds to support operations and match government grants.
  • Ability to lead efforts to acquire and retain customers through marketing and customer relationship management while growing revenue.
  • Experience with managing a Board of Directors and managing a mission-oriented organization
  • Experience in managing and directing business operations (bikeshare operations or otherwise).
  • Capabilities in strategic planning, budget development, ongoing financial monitoring and reporting.
  • Experience in creating and maintaining partnerships and relationships that help the organization achieve its goals.
  • Knowledge and understanding of bikeshare, bicycle infrastructure, and planning for livable communities is a plus
  • Comfort working in a non-traditional management structure
  • Ability and desire to work hands-on, often with irregular hours


Description of Deputy Executive Director Responsibilities:

The Deputy Executive Director will report to the non-profit’s Executive Director, supporting all activities of the organization.

  • Work in concert with the Executive Director to manage a dedicated staff of two: Grants and Programs Manager, and Marketing and Communications Manager.
  • Engage the community via broad and inclusive outreach, including presentations at various community forums including Neighborhood Boards.
  • Raise major funding to support the organization’s staff, operations and mission. This will also include raising funds to match government grants.
  • Plan Biki’s growth and expansion to improve mobility options in communities on Oahu and in Hawaii, including underserved populations.
  • Lead site planning for station locations, including facilitating permitting with local jurisdictions, private property owners, the State of Hawaii, the University of Hawaii and the Federal Government.
  • Develop marketing programs that attract new riders, including group programs for employers, the visitor industry and others.
  • Analyze customer data, including usage, demographics, revenue, station use and other available information to develop programs to improve ridership, revenue, effectiveness, and station locations.
  • Direct the ongoing operations of Secure Bike Share to keep them motivated to deliver excellence to the community and meet the requirements of their agreement with BSH.
  • Maintain and build strong relationships with key stakeholders and specific parties such as Secure Bike Share, DTS and other government entities, customers, community partners, community groups, the business community, vendors, and many others that are critical to long-term success.
  • Build and maintain a team culture within BSH and with Secure Bike Share and other partners that embraces a mission-driven, team-oriented, environmentally sustainable endeavor.
  • Lead ongoing organizational management/administration for the bikeshare system:
    • Develop annual budgets, forecasts, tax filings, financial audits and other reports, with vendors to support these responsibilities.
    • Ensure adequate reporting, planning, financial forecasting and accounting standards and processes are in place to meet the requirements of all agreements with the City, Secure Bike Share, donors, private property owners, staff, vendors, etc.
    • Work with legal resources when required in contract management, dispute resolution, etc.
    • Manage Altres to maximize human resources benefits and compliance
  • Support activities concerning the Board and actively participate in the preparation of board meeting agendas, exhibits, minutes and Board relations. Monitor activities to be in compliance with established Board governance procedures and rules.
  • Other duties to accomplish the non-profit’s mission statement and objectives

Note: The above description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, or qualifications associated with the job.



Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualities deemed necessary to administer a successful bikeshare program.




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