IMPORTANT: Biki Updates will take place August 20, 2019 - more info

Single Ride

SYSTEM UPDATES will take place on August 20, 2019. 

Single ride

Don’t want to become a member but still want to use Biki? That’s okay with us too!  Simply find your most convenient Biki Stop and buy a Single Ride at the Kiosk.  Your Biki trip will probably be cheaper than taking a taxi or a shared ride (and more fun too).  And if you can’t get anywhere by car because of a traffic jam or other hassle, take a Biki somewhere you’d like to be and wait it out.

Please note: $50 security hold per bike will apply to each kiosk purchase. The hold shall be released within 3-5 business days following the successful return of your bike. Want to avoid a credit card hold? Become a member

Photo Credit: Shaka Guide
Photo Credit: Shaka Guide