Remember to wait for the green light when returning your bike!

Biki system updates

We are constantly monitoring and updating our system to make Biki even better for the community. Reasons for system changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Relocating or reducing existing Biki Stops from low to high-demand areas to increase the reliability of available bikes and docks where people need them most. 
  • Installing new Biki Stops in highly requested areas, or locations we have identified as gaps in our service area.
  • Relocating stations to accommodate city projects and construction, or if there is a potential safety hazard, or accessibility issue. 

Updates: September 26, 2019

1 NEW: Biki Stop #608 installed at Manoa Marketplace
1 RELOCATION: Biki Stop #217 (Auahi & Ward Village) relocated to accommodate construction. You will be able to find the new site on the street adjacent between Whole Foods and the Ward entertainment center. See map
Manoa Marketplace
Manoa Marketplace

NEW SITES:  6/20/2019

1. Kakaako: #211 Ilalo & Keawe (19 docking points)
Nearby destinations: Entrepreneurs Sandbox, JABSOM,  Kakaako Waterfront Park
2. Kakaako: #219 Ilaniwai & Cooke (9 docking points)
Nearby destinations: Workplay
Biki Stop #211
Biki Stop #211

2 new sites installed, 4 expanded, 3 relocated and 1 reduced. 43 total docking points added to the system. 


1. Downtown: #108 Bishop & Nimitz (6 docking points added)
2. Makiki: #450 Kalakaua & King (3 docking points added)
3. Waikiki: #312 Olohana & Kuhio (8 docking points added)
4. Waikiki: #315 Saratoga & Kalia (6 docking points added)


1. Kakaako: Ilalo & Cooke #206
Low-use site reduced by 8 docking points to make equipment available for a Biki Stop that experiences greater demand.


1. Waikiki: #325 Kuhio & Walina temporarily relocated to the opposite side of Kuhio street to accommodate construction of the new Food Pantry. Station is planned to be moved back to the original location once construction is complete. 

2. McCully: #454 King & McCully moved across McCully street to accommodate construction.  No plans to move site back to the original location upon completion of the city project.