Biki announcements, events, expansion updates and more - July Newsletter

We’re excited to announce Biki Buys, our upcoming promotional partnership with retail establishments across urban Honolulu! This promotion will take place during the month of November and will include a maximum of 20 retail establishments located within close proximity of a Biki Stop.


Similar to Biki Bites, Biki riders will be able to redeem exclusive deals at the participating establishments simply by showing their Biki pass, same day Biki receipt, or proof of their active account on the Biki Mobile App! Our first promo was catered towards food and drink businesses, so we’re excited to work with retail establishments to bring our riders shopping deals in time for the holiday season.


To apply, businesses must meet the following criteria: 




To apply, please fill out our brief Biki Buys Application and email to, or print and mail to Bikeshare Hawaii at 914 Ala Moana Blvd Floor 2, Honolulu, HI 96814.


Applications will be accepted until Friday, October 13 at midnight. Selected businesses will be notified by 10/18. 



Why participate in Biki Buys? 

This no-cost opportunity allows you to expand your reach and gain new customers. Your businesses location(s) and offer will be displayed on our website and map on the Biki Mobile App. Biki will also market the promotion in press releases, social media, and through customer competitions. Additionally, your participation will demonstrate your support of alternative transportation, healthy lifestyles and sustainability, and will provide an opportunity to collaborate and engage with a network of local businesses.

Check out the Biki Buys Application for more reasons to apply, and for real world evidence that demonstrates the economic benefits of bikeshare on local businesses.


PDF Version of Biki Buys Application.




Biki App


The Biki App

The Biki App, available on both iPhone and Android mobile devices, is designed to help you maximize the use of Honolulu’s Bikeshare System, Biki. Here are some of the top features:



check out a bike with the app

1. Login to your Account to view our system map. Each dot represents a Biki Stop.

2. Click on any dot to see the Biki Stop name, number and the real time availability of open docks and bikes. 

3. When you are by a Biki Stop and ready to ride, press the yellow unlock button on the bottom right side of the screen. 

4. Click "Get release code" to generate a 5-digit code that can be used to unlock any bike at that particular Biki Stop. Codes are valid for 5-minutes and can check out one bike. 

check out bike

5. Go to a bike a find the 3-number key panel on the left side of the dock. 

6. Type in your unique code, wait for the yellow light to turn green and remove the bike. Your ride has now begun! 

Get the app

Transit App for iPhone or Android is the perfect companion when you need to get somewhere. Using the Transit app also makes using Bike Share Toronto even easier!

  • Find stations and bikes

    A green bike pin shows the location of stations on the map. The availability of bikes is represented by the fullness of each green bike pin. You will see a green card in the transit feed below the map if there is a station nearby.

  • Plan a route

    Find your destination on the map, tap “Directions to Here” and select “Bike Share Toronto” to see the route.

  • Purchase a pass

    Tap on the station or the Bike Share Toronto card in the transit feed below the map. Tap “Purchase Pass” and get a ride code. Day Passes or 3-Day Passes are available for purchase without using the station kiosk.

  • Get RideCodes

    Members can use the Transit App to get ride codes. Tap on a station or the Bike Share Toronto card in the transit feed below the map, sign in with your username and password, and select “Get Ride Code.”

  • Get RideCodes

    Members can use the Transit App to get ride codes. Tap on a station or the Bike Share Toronto card in the transit feed below the map, sign in with your username and password, and select “Get Ride Code.”

  • Download it now

    Get Transit App today and start experiencing Toronto in a whole new way!

  • Download it now

    Get Transit App today and start experiencing Toronto in a whole new way!

On June 28th the community joined us for our 1st Birthday Party to celebrate a year of bikeshare in Honolulu! We are so thankful for the support and happy to be surrounded by so many riders, partners, and other members of the community. 


Snapshots from our BikiGram


Thanks to those who came out to celebrate our special day #BikiBirthday! Another huge mahalo to our major supporters who made this first year possible. We can't wait to see what year 2 brings! 


At certain popular community events, we set up a Biki valet at select Biki Stops to accommodate more riders and provide the community with an alternative means of transportation. The 4th of July fireworks at Ala Moana Beach Park is expected to bring in 50,000 attendees this year. We know that parking is limited and heavy traffic is anticipated as people leave the park following the firework show.


The Biki crew will provide a surplus of bikes and will continously clear out docks as the station fills up. They will also be there to provide assistance and answer any questions. Please look for the Biki tent at the mega station on the corner of Ala Moana Blvd and Atkinson (Diamond Head side of the park).



Free Spirit Plan: $20 for 300 minutes to use however and whenever you like. Minutes don’t expire and can be used over days, weeks, months or years!
$15 Monthly: Unlimited 30-minute rides every day
$25 Monthly: Unlimited 60-minute rides every day
Don’t want to sign up for a plan? Purchase a $3.50 single ride (up to 30-minutes) from the kiosk or the biki mobile app.

If you have any questions about Biki’ing to this event, or if you would like to request a Biki valet at a different community event please email

How to redeem your promo code - BIKI APP

Promotion codes can only be redeemed at the time of rental, not in advance. Please be at a Biki Stop and ready to ride at the time of redemption.

How to Redeem
How to Redeem 2

Once you are ready to ride your Biki, click "Unlock my bike now", select the station you are at, making sure the station number on the app matches the station number located on the side of the kiosk. Get a release code by clicking on the unlock button.


You will have 5 minutes to use your release code to checkout a bike.



  • Undocking bike: For easy undocking, punch ride code into keypad and wait for the light on the dock to turn from yellow to green. Once the green light is on, lift the bike up by the back of the seat, until it comes out.
  • Returning bike: Push bike into dock and wait for light on dock to turn green.
  • Confirmation SMS Text: Enter your mobile number when signing up to receive a confirmation text message per bike rented when returned to a station.
  • Finding stations: Use the App to view real time availability of bikes and docks at stations to know where you can rent or return bikes.
  • Ride codes: Once a ride code is generated on the app, you will have 5 minutes to undock a bike before it expires. 



  • Will the code work for multiple bikes? The promo code is valid for 1 bike per credit card. If applying the promo code when renting multiple bikes, it will be applied as a discount of $3.50.
  • Does the code have to be redeemed by a new user? No, members will be the ones that will receive the promo code, and they are able to gift it if they choose to. However, a different email address must be used. 
  • Can the code be used towards a membership plan? The code can be applied as a discount of $3.50 for a Free Spirit plan.
  • Is there a security hold? Yes. A $50 temporary hold will be applied per bike.
  • When will the security hold be released? The security hold is released in 3-5 business days so long as bikes are securely returned.


888-340-2454 |

6am - 11pm, 7 days a week

Biki – A Public, Private, Non-profit Partnership


We’re very excited about Biki’s growth in ridership and our planned summer expansion. This great news suggests that we must be doing extremely well financially. While we’re doing fine thanks to our users, generous donors, and start up public funds, we still have a way to go before we achieve our goal of being financially self-sustaining.
We thought you might be interested in learning a bit about how we came about and how Biki is structured. In standard bikeshare practice, a city uses tax payer dollars to purchase bikeshare equipment. Then, they hire a for-profit operator to run the system on their behalf. Based on the 2014 Feasibility Study commissioned by the City and County of Honolulu’s Dept. of Planning and Permitting, it was recommended that Honolulu instead set up an Administrative non-profit to minimize public sector risk and create opportunities for support from the private sector. Our non-profit, Bikeshare Hawaii, was then formed in 2014.

Bikeshare Hawaii’s mission is to provide the public with high quality, convenient, reliable, and affordable bikeshare services that enhance community health and livability, strengthen our public transportation system, and connect people to more places where they live, work and play throughout Hawaii nei.


Public support
In 2015, Bikeshare Hawaii was granted $2 million from the City & County of Honolulu and from the State of Hawaii to help launch the initial phase of bikeshare. The City and State also provided city public property locations for Biki Stops at no cost.


Private operator
Secure Bike Share Hawaii, LLC has invested in all current bikeshare equipment and technology, and operates the system. It is taking almost all financial risk, and therefore Secure Bike Share receives fare revenue to help defray operations and equipment financing costs. Secure Bike Share’s responsibilities include bike maintenance, rebalancing, customer service, and customer billing.


Non-profit manager
Bikeshare Hawaii is a 501(c)3 organization created in 2014 out of the joint efforts of theCity & County of Honoluluthe State of Hawaiithe EPAUlupono InitiativeHawaii Pacific University, and a Working Group comprised of dedicated volunteer leaders. This non-profit manages the Biki program on behalf of the City through a grant agreement. Bikeshare Hawaii also has an agreement with Secure Bike Share for it to operate Biki on our behalf and under our management.

Bikeshare Hawaii is comprised of a Board of Directors, Bikeshare Advisory Group and a small staff led by CEO Lori McCarney. In addition to managing Secure Bike Share, Bikeshare Hawaii is tasked with location planning and permitting, marketing and events, and community outreach.
Along with the initial City and State funding, donations from organizations and individuals have supported our organization’s small startup team and its efforts. These include over three years of extensive community outreach, location planning, equipment and operator selection, branding, pricing and much more. The funds granted by the City and State will expire in mid-2018.
Funding for our summer expansion is coming from a Federal Grant, which required matching funds. We are very appreciative of the over $450,000 that came from donors and supporters to achieve this match.  And we’re proud that no additional dollars from local taxpayers will be utilized when Biki’s network becomes more convenient for more people.

Have you reviewed where we are proposing Biki Stops? We’ve identified 90 locations and want to know which ones you support.


We need your support
As a community-based nonprofit organization, Bikeshare Hawaii depends on donations and rider revenue to maintain and improve Biki. We continue to actively seek additional partnerships and donors that share our vision of a connected, healthier and sustainable Hawaii. With donations from supportive organizations and individuals, Bikeshare Hawaii can be financially self-sustaining and even generate “profits” that will be reinvested to improve the usefulness and reach of Biki to our community in the years to come.
Every dollar donated helps Bikeshare Hawaii achieve our mission by supporting the purchase of equipment, keeping ridership rates affordable, enhancing community and employer partnerships, and developing workforce programs. If you would like to learn more about how you can support Biki or to make a donation, please visit

Biki for Competitions

Lanikai Triathlon, April 15, 2018 - 
Photo courtesy of Lori McCarney
Lanikai Triathlon, April 15, 2018 - Photo courtesy of Lori McCarney

We always love hearing from our riders and how they use Biki, especially in usual places and sometimes outside our current service area. In the past month, we've received emails and photos from users who have used Biki for events such as the Lanikai TriathlonMetric Century Ride and Honolulu Triathlon.


If you have used Biki for other competitions or events, we'd love to hear about it. Please email us at


If you are interested in including Biki in an upcoming event, simply fill out an Event Opportunity Request Form!

Lanikai Triathlon, April 15, 2018 - Photo courtesy of Lori McCarney
Honolulu Triathlon, May 13, 2018 - Photo courtesy of Richard Campbell
Honolulu Triathlon, May 13, 2018 - Photo courtesy of Richard Campbell

Biki Tip of the Month

Check your tire pressure before riding

Check tire pressure

Biki bikes are equipped with tough 24” wheels, super-solid rims, puncture-resistant casing and tires with reflective sides. However, before you hop on a Biki, it's always a good idea to check the tire pressure. The right tire pressure provides for a smooth ride and prevents potential for flats while you are riding. 


Simply give the tires a firm squeeze. If the tire has a lot of give, then we recommend selecting another Biki bike. Our riders are never responsible for regular wear and tear so if you happen to get a flat while riding, don't worry! Simply walk the bike to the nearest Biki Stop and press the red wrench button. The bike will be locked in place and the Biki Crew will come by to collect the bike for repair. 


unnamed (13)

Name: Mariah


Plan: Free Spirit Plan; I enjoy the flexibility of the 300 minutes because I can use them as needed and not worry about having them expire.


Why I love Biki: I love Biki because of the convenient stops around town, and the ease of use of the app to find stops and know where and how many bikes are available. It takes all the stress out of commuting around town because there is no need to factor in time and cost of parking. It adds pleasure to your day allowing you to enjoy your commute in the fresh air and sunshine. Biki makes me more appreciative of Hawaii because it makes commuting fun, healthy, and stress free.

How I use Biki: I use Biki because it makes traveling around town far more convenient and even fun! I commute from the North Shore daily, but have to travel between jobs in downtown and Waikiki. At one point it took me 40 minutes to get from Waikiki to downtown, after parking and walking to work, which is almost as long as it takes to drive to NS. Biki is a godsend as it only takes 15 minutes plus it gets me outside with the added bonus of exercise. I even invested in a water proof backpack so I could take Biki in the rain with no concern for my laptop.


Think you've got what it takes to be the next Biki Member of the Month? Send an email with your Biki story or nominate a fellow Biki rider.

Biki in the news

Biki in the community

Biki and Bikeshare Hawaii are coming to a community near you. To learn more about Biki and Bikeshare Hawaii, join us at one of our upcoming events below. We invite you to join us or provide testimony at neighborhood board meetings as well. You can also check ourevents page on

May 26, 2018
Blue Zones Project Old Stadium Park Volunteer Clean-Up
9 to 11:30 a.m.
Old Stadium Park
Ride to Biki Stop 457 (King and Isenberg Streets) and join Blue Zones Project and the Biki crew in reviving Old Stadium Park! Free lunch will be provided following the cleanup.

June 1, 2018
HBL Bike Month Pau Hana Mixer
5:30 to 8 p.m.
814 Ilaniwai Street (Kakaako)

June 6, 2018
Keep it Kaimuki, Small Business Pau Hana x Open Talk
7:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Bess Press (Da Shop)

June 10, 2018
Biki Bicycling Basics Free Workshop
4:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Children's Discovery Center
111 Ohe Street
(limited spots available, registration required)

June 12, 12018
Waikiki Neighborhood Board Meeting
7 p.m.
Waikiki Community Center
310 Paoakalani Avenue

June 21, 2018
Makiki Neighborhood Board Meeting
6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Makiki District Park
1527 Keeaumoku Street
*Let your neighborhood representatives know if you support bringing Biki into Makiki, andreference your preferred station by site number. Email and BCC so we can track support as well.

June 24, 2018
Blue Zones Project Community Kick-off Event
2 to 6 p.m.
Varsity Building Parking Lot
1110 University Avenue

June 28, 2018 - We're turning one!
Biki One-Year Anniversary Celebration
It's hard to believe we launched Biki a year ago. Please join us at one of our Biki Stops and help us celebrate this milestone with free food,  giveaways, swag, and more!
Stay tuned and follow us on social media for more information.

We send out a monthly e-newsletter to update our riders on the latest Biki info, news, events, promos and more. Don’t miss out – subscribe today!

May 2018

Executive Director - Job Description

Bikeshare Hawaii (BSH) is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that is responsible for Biki, the bikeshare program that currently operates in urban Honolulu. BSH acts under two primary agreements: one with the City and County of Honolulu, and the other with Secure Bike Share, a private, for-profit entity. The City’s agreement delivered seed funding to BSH and provides requirements for locating Biki stations on City property. Secure Bike Share owns the initial supply of equipment, approximately 100 bikeshare stations and 1000 bikes, and manages day-to-day operations within standards outlined in their agreement with BSH.


Bikeshare Hawaii requires an Executive Director who can provide the leadership and hands-on skills to help lead the organization through its post-launch phase of financially self-sustaining growth and expansion, attract partnerships, funding, and oversee and ensure the development and implementation of a fiscally responsible business plan that accurately reflects the unique opportunities and constraints of a bikeshare system in Hawaii. It will take a forward-thinking leader who can visualize a future where bikeshare is an integral part of Hawaii’s transportation network and can respond to the unique needs of different communities across the state.


  1.  Bachelor’s degree in Business, Urban or Transportation Planning,  Communications, Marketing, or related field; or equivalent experience. Advanced degrees are preferred (MBA, MPA, JD).
  2. Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience.
  3. Business development and fundraising experience with the ability to identify and leverage innovative funding sources.
  4. Demonstrated success in a start-up organization environment with the ability to successfully drive a young organization and adapt and expand programs and initiatives.
  5. Excellent leadership, management, written and verbal communication, and negotiation skills, including team building & collaboration across entities.
  6. Ability to manage a financially viable and sustainable organization with ongoing budgeting, monitoring and reporting.

Highly Desired qualifications

The successful candidate will demonstrate many of the following traits, skills, or characteristics:


  • Political and geographic familiarity with Oahu and the Hawaiian Islands preferred, including facilitation of public processes and collaboration with government entities.
  • Knowledge of, experience with, and commitment to managing a Board of Directors and developing bylaws, regulations, and ethics of managing a mission-oriented organization.
  • Experience or understanding of business operations (bikeshare operations or otherwise), including consumer marketing, engagement and customer service.
  • Strategy planning, budget development, ongoing financial monitoring and reporting, basic accounting and bookkeeping skills preferred.
  • Sponsorship and partnership experience including negotiation and management of contracts, sponsor recruitment, fulfillment, and account management.
  • Knowledge and understanding of bikeshare, bicycle infrastructure, bicycle marketing campaigns, bicycle and motorist education, and planning for livable communities is a plus.
  • Experience with strategic media relations, public affairs, and communications functions. Demonstrated ability to act as a spokesperson for the organization.
  • Willingness to get hands-on and work irregular hours with occasional travel.

Description of Executive Director Responsibilities:

The Executive Director will report to the non-profit’s Board of Directors, which will consist of a range of private, public, and sponsor representatives.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Manage a dedicated staff of two or more including a Grants and Programs Manager, and a Marketing and Communications Manager.
  • Engage the community via broad and inclusive outreach, including presentations at various community forums including Neighborhood Boards.
  • Raise major funding to support the organization’s staff, operations and mission. This will also include raising funds to match government grants, identify additional sponsorship and funding sources, and submit proposals for grants and administer requisite documentation.
  • Plan Biki’s growth and expansion to improve mobility options in communities on Oahu and in Hawaii, including underserved populations.
  • Lead site planning for new station locations, including facilitating permitting with local jurisdictions, private property owners, the State of Hawaii, the University of Hawaii and the Federal Government.
  • Develop, implement and adapt marketing, media and outreach programs to attract new riders, including group programs for employers, the visitor industry and others.
  • Analyze customer data, including usage, demographics, revenue, station use and other available information to develop programs to improve ridership, revenue, effectiveness, and station locations.
  • Direct the ongoing operations of Secure Bike Share to keep them motivated to deliver excellence to the community and meet the requirements of their agreement with BSH.
  • Partner with public and private organizations for collaboration and mutual benefit.
  • Build and maintain a team culture within BSH and with Secure Bike Share and other partners that embraces a mission-driven, team-oriented, environmentally sustainable endeavor.
  • Lead all aspects of ongoing organizational management/administration, including:
    • Develop annual budgets, forecasts, tax filings, financial audits and other reports, with vendors to support these responsibilities;
    • Ensure adequate reporting, planning, financial forecasting and accounting standards and processes are in place to meet the requirements of all agreements with the City, Secure Bike Share, donors, funders, private property owners, staff, vendors, etc.;
    • Work with legal resources when required in contract management, dispute resolution, etc.;
    • Manage Altres to maximize human resources benefits and compliance.
    • Work with the Board to develop a budget and an operational plan to maximize membership, ridership, revenues/profits and community acceptance and then lead the management and execution of such plan;
    • Ensure adequate reporting, planning, financial forecasting and accounting standards and processes are in place;
    • Coordinate and maintain strong ongoing relationships among multiple parties, such as the Board of Directors, sponsors, vendors, subcontractor(s), customers, community organizations and government agencies.
  • Direct regular board meetings; prepare meeting agendas, exhibits, minutes and maintain ongoing and relevant communication with the board of directors and document discussions and decisions of the Board to ensure smooth functioning and compliance with rules and regulations.
  • Other duties to accomplish the non-profit’s mission statement and objectives.


Note: The above description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, or qualifications associated with the job. Job may require hours that exceed 8 hours per day and/or 40 hours per week.  Download as PDF.


$75k-$125k base salary commensurate with experience and qualities deemed necessary to administer a successful bikeshare program. Potential for performance–based bonus.


Please direct ALL advance questions to and submit letter of interest, resume plus list of names and contact information for appropriate references to



Our riders are the best part about Biki and we love to hear your stories. We recently received this story from Richard Campbell, a first-time rider who participated in the Honolulu Olympic Triathlon and completed the bike portion on a Biki! 

I completed the Honolulu Sprint Triathlon 'racing' a 'Biki Aqua Blue!'


I had a heart transplant in April 2017 and signed up for the Honolulu Olympic Triathlon event to give me something to aim for. A few months back, side effects from a medication change made training and fitness difficult. My wife competes so we of course still made the trip to Hawaii, and I planned to swim myself back into shape in that wonderful ocean.


I was rather surprised how strong I was with the swim so got to looking for a bike as I did not bring mine. No rental bikes available due to the event, and the guys at Island Triathlon & Bikes concurred with me that the 'Biki' bike would work and I could set a new PR on a 'Biki'! Great guys by the way...


Since we are from the Seattle area, I went with the credit card auto upgrade plan but will certainly use the monthly plan next time around. Rode over to IT&B for a helmet and was all set to rock and roll. I switched to the sprint tri so that I would be comfortable with my decision. My assigned "86" race number was an omen as I was not about to be 86'd out of the race!

Richard Campbell, Biki Triathlete
Richard Campbell, Biki Triathlete
Early morning bike check out
Early morning bike check out

I nicknamed the bike the 'Aqua Blue' and it worked like a charm, as far as a well maintained, three speed, city bike, with a built in head wind goes for triathlon use! I got many cheers and compliments on the course from participants, and police alike. The camera lady missed my first picture as she did not realize I was actually in the race, but made a quick recovery. I did have a funny interaction with two riders who were facing a headwind. I had dropped my water bottle, slowed down, but decided to let it go. The two riders caught up with me yelled out. "We finally caught him!" to which I replied that I was happy I could help them maintain their high standards! Someone has to be the carrot!


The previous night before the race, I woke up at 2AM wondering if all the bikes were going to be taken and that I should go get one.I checked out the availability on the Biki App and found I was sitting pretty and there were plenty of bikes all around. Great App, easy to use.  The "Biki" concept is well run and seamless from the user stand point. I was impressed with the availability and ease of use.


What I find important is what a "Biki" bike can do for all avenues. It works so well for the tourist out for a ride, where you see so many more things on the that beautiful Island, a quick commute, or even a grocery run so not to deal with vehicles or parking.

Then there is just going out for the exercise and clearing one's mind, and of course 'triathlons'! Participating in the Honolulu Triathlon amid the quick recovery was the highlight of my trip.  Encouraged by my wife Carol, who has the Kona Ironman notched on her Bib Strap, I have done a few events, including a few Kona Honu 70.3’s. It is all about the freedom, fitness, travel, goals, camaraderie, accomplishment, excitement, and even the finish line.


But, it is so much more about the journey. Overcoming the obstacles that will present themselves all along the way, and it is where the most satisfaction will be garnered, where the most frustration will attempt to take you down, and where you get to look back and say “Yes!” and then you look to the future and do it all again... and say “Yes!” again and again. Because, my friend... it is all in the journey, the paths taken, the roads not followed, all the things the poets and writers give us insights about, to go along with what we all get to experience on our own. These events are my way to advocate for organ donation, quietly on the side, but with a powerful voice and example.


"It feels so good to be feeling good again" .... from Robert Earl Keen

Have a Biki story you want to share? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us at

Bikeshare is expanding this summer and so is the Biki Crew! Looking to fill both part-time and full-time positions immediately.

On-Site Enrollment and Biki Presentations are available upon request