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Cellular Data is required to purchase and release a bike. 

By Jasmine Utu, Biki Ambassador

I’m currently here in American Samoa for work and have been for the past month. After 30 days, you start to realize the normalcies and routine that you actually have. Mine definitely included biki (along with Moku Kitchen, but that’s another story). I started to have “withdrawals”.


For most of the island, transportation is either done by car or by mini-buses (Tacoma size pick-up trucks with campers going around the island to pick up students and residents). I saw a few individuals on bicycles and noticed their rides were to the next couple of houses or so. Which makes sense because roads aren’t as well maintained, and bike lanes are non-existent.


I realized how lucky I am to be able to have convenient options at my disposal for commuting and recreating. It is a privilege. Choices that I can pick and choose to get from where I am to where I want, or need, to be. And not only that, but to be able to bikeshare nonetheless.


I work in tech and to think of bikesharing as a piece of modernization was something I hadn’t given much thought because I was so familiar with it as part of my everyday life. But if you’ve never had the option to bikeshare, you’d never know what you’re missing out on. However, living in a community that has those opportunities, it’s made me more grateful and more motivated  to share it with others.


In places like American Samoa, many of the roads are one way in and one way out, rural, and loaded with trucks and cars piling in line just to get to a village less than 5-10 miles away. Progressing technology and enriching communities doesn’t have to look too futuristic and lose the heart of the home. It could be simplistic. Paved roads, bike lanes, and reliable bikes. Island-sized areas with less unnecessary car congestion, adding a more sustainable commute, and increasing an active lifestyle, all while matching the pace of life.


Many residents said engineering the roads to be less overgrown and keeping them maintained to sustain resilience against weather conditions, would be a step towards the modernization necessary for their home and community. It’s the little things that can have such a big impact. Imagine even our own Oahu with more bike lanes, bike stations, bikesharing, and maintained roads? I think we can all agree perfectly maintained roads and paths sounds blissful. Sometimes it takes getting out of your own neighborhood and comfortable schedule to gain a little perspective and inspiration.


For now, it’s baby steps towards seeing a future that I want for Honolulu and the rest of Hawaii. It’s using what’s already in my hands. Time and amateur skill to teach a friend how to ride a bike, get someone going on their first biki experience, gather a group of friends to get out and ride to your favorite beach spot, or just talk to people in my workplace and community about bikeshare. It’s funny how biking can elevate a conversation to many directions – nostalgia, jitters and butterflies of trying it, new thoughts, considerations, and the classic debate… pronouncing biki as "beekee" or "bick-ee".

Despite how I choose to say it, I’m grateful for the opportunity to biki, to have it in my city, and to have the privilege to share it with others. A classic piece of technology to restore a neighborhood and progress a community.

A note from Todd Boulanger, Executive Director

As an Environmental Planner (UH Manoa) reflecting on the 50th Anniversary of EARTH DAY and living through the period that led to its creation; I can say one of the greatest lessons learned is that avoidance of damage is a much better solution than mitigation (a fancy word for cleaning up a mess). My father, a chemical engineer, a mid-century man of the pre-Earth Day era, was trained to approach ‘pollution solutions’ first through mitigation, as one of his favorite sayings to me growing up was “the solution to pollution is dilution”. 

IMG-9283 (1)

So, you ask, ‘how does Biki and bike share fit into mitigation versus avoidance’? Well, by exchanging a motor vehicle trip for a human powered bicycle trip you are avoiding the creation of much of the vehicle emissions tied to moving around our city quickly and conveniently, like half of our members reported doing. In 2019 you and your fellow Biki riders rode 1.37 million rides for an estimated 2.7 million miles in town. This quantity of miles would typically generate 3.3 million pounds of CO2 emissions by cars. But, instead of waiting for planted trees to grow and absorb these gases, they are never created. Put it simply, it is like 323 cars being removed from the town

Plus, there are other “me” benefits like losing weight or gaining muscle tone as you ride to your meetings or to see friends. I mean how many other environmental solutions are fun AND make you smile as you just live and go about your normal day?


Car vs. Bike Calculator

With the end of 2018 right around the corner, we're excited to look back at some of our favorite moments from the year and give you a glimpse as to what might be coming up next! We hope 2019 is filled with health, happiness and, of course, lots of Biki rides. Mele kalikimaka and happy holidays from the Biki Crew to you! 

We’re excited to announce Biki Buys, our upcoming promotional partnership with retail establishments across urban Honolulu! This promotion will take place during the month of November and will include a maximum of 20 retail establishments located within close proximity of a Biki Stop.


Similar to Biki Bites, Biki riders will be able to redeem exclusive deals at the participating establishments simply by showing their Biki pass, same day Biki receipt, or proof of their active account on the Biki Mobile App! Our first promo was catered towards food and drink businesses, so we’re excited to work with retail establishments to bring our riders shopping deals in time for the holiday season.


To apply, businesses must meet the following criteria: 




To apply, please fill out our brief Biki Buys Application and email to, or print and mail to Bikeshare Hawaii at 914 Ala Moana Blvd Floor 2, Honolulu, HI 96814.


Applications will be accepted until Friday, October 13 at midnight. Selected businesses will be notified by 10/18. 



Why participate in Biki Buys? 

This no-cost opportunity allows you to expand your reach and gain new customers. Your businesses location(s) and offer will be displayed on our website and map on the Biki Mobile App. Biki will also market the promotion in press releases, social media, and through customer competitions. Additionally, your participation will demonstrate your support of alternative transportation, healthy lifestyles and sustainability, and will provide an opportunity to collaborate and engage with a network of local businesses.

Check out the Biki Buys Application for more reasons to apply, and for real world evidence that demonstrates the economic benefits of bikeshare on local businesses.


PDF Version of Biki Buys Application.




by Katerina I., Intern

Have you filled up your car’s tank recently and gasped at the price? With gas prices soaring at the pump, the fossil fuel industry is really putting a price on summer fun. In Hawaii, as of late June 2022, regular gas is averaging $5.72/gallon and diesel is a whopping $6.17/gallon! As costs continue to creep up, now is the time to consider switching up your commute routine. 

Estimated costs associated with owning a car in Honolulu:

According to a 2021 study by Ulupono Initiative, the cost of owning a vehicle in Hawaii is $8,100 annually, or $675 per month. However, Ulupono used census data compiled by the accounting firm Deloitte – which shows 80% of Hawaii households own two or more cars and thus face a $16,200 annual expense, or about $1,350 a month for transportation. These transportation costs include gas, maintenance and insurance.


Alternatively, Biki's Commuter Plan offers unlimited 30 minute Biki rides for $15 per month, and the Voyager Plan will get you unlimited 60 minute Biki rides for $25 per month. By switching from your car to a Biki Commuter Plan, you could theoretically slash your transportation bill by 98%!

And we haven't even touched on the societal costs of driving. Air, water and noise pollution, costs to repair and build roads and hire enforcement, traffic collisions and fatalities... the list goes on. And all tax payers front the bill.  Ulupono's report reveals that Hawaii's vehicle transportation system comes with an annual price tag totally $21.8 billion dollars. Only $10.6 billion is borne by consumers in the form of vehicle ownership costs, while $11.2 billion is borne in the form of state and county expenditures.


Here at Biki, we aren't anti-car and recognize that there is often a time and place to utilize modes of transport other than bikeshare, including personal vehicles. However, it's also worth considering how much your household could save by reducing the number of cars in your home, or replacing some of your car trips with Biki rides. Many Biki members seem to have caught on to this realization, with 11% reporting they reduced the number of vehicles in their household (up from 8% in 2018), and 49% reporting they drive less often since joining Biki.

Making the change

As people go back to working in-person, it’s time to reduce the number of drivers on the road. You don't necessarily have to make a full switch from being a driver to a bicyclist, but you can try to utilize multiple modes of transportation to reduce your costs. For example, if you sell your car but still want to get across the island, you can opt for a bus pass ($80/month) and a biki membership ($15/Month). You can take Uber/Lyft when necessary, opt for Hui carshare or Turo for longer day trips, or figure out a carpool arrangement with friends or coworkers. 


The more options our residents have to get around, the less likely we'll need to depend on owning personal vehicles. Our community is being more multi-modal and this reduces inequalities, increases connectivity and makes our island a better place to live. We're happy that Biki can be a part of it!

Guest Blogger: Katerina Im is a rising Senior at Punahou School. She is very passionate about environmental issues and is especially interested in climate change and plastic pollution. Learn more about her non-profit, Plastics 4 A Purpose.

7-Eleven Hawaii offers Free Biki Rides

7-Eleven Free Rides

It's slurpee season and 7-Eleven Hawaii is kicking it off by offering free Biki rides on Monday, July 11th. This Free Rides Day is one of the many Bike Month events taking place over the course of July. Whether you are brand new to cycling or a daily Biki rider, we invite you to join!


  1. download the PBSC mobile App or visit any Biki Stop kiosk
  2. select the "One-Way" ride option, enter your customer information and enter promocode '711' at checkout.
  3. enjoy a free ride up to 30 minutes and return it to any Biki Stop when you are done!


  • Check for the GREEN light when returning your bike. This ensures that the bike is locked in place and your ride time has stopped.
  • Download the PBSC App or check our online map to see the location and real-time bike availability at every Biki station.
  • Biki riders are reminded to follow Honolulu ordinances and heed any traffic guidance or detours that are in place. Biki riders are also reminded that biking on sidewalks in Waikiki and Downtown is prohibited. View our safety tips!

Need assistance?

If you're new to Biki we encourage you to come by our outreach tent at Ala Moana Beach Park. We'll show you how to use the Biki system and help you redeem your free ride! Plus, 7-Eleven Hawaii will be there with free swag items to help you remember the day.

WHERE: Biki Stop #244 (Ala Moana Beach Park & Atkinson)
WHEN: 11am - 7pm on 7/11

Biki customer service is also available to assist daily from 7am - 9pm at 888-340-2454.


Please note: 

  • you must be at least 16 years of age to use Biki.
  • a debit or credit card is required. The first 30 minutes is free, rides that exceed 30 minutes will be subject to Extra Time fees.
  • if you have an active subscription with Biki (Commuter, Free Spirit, Voyager Plan) and want to participate, you can redeem your free ride at any kiosk

Huge mahalo to 7-Eleven Hawaii for sponsoring this event and encouraging more of our residents to get out and ride!


unnamed (5)

This year, we're celebrating Bike Month in July! We're teaming up with Hawaii Bicycling League to host fun events all month long to celebrate cycling, thank residents for riding, and encourage others to give it a try. Please save the date for these upcoming events:


7/2 (Sat) Blue Zones Project Keiki to Kupuna Family Fun Day 

Enjoy family-fun games and activities for the whole family, including arts and crafts, Japanese aerobic dance, and more! This Blue Zones Project event is free and open to the public.

9 - 11am, Old Stadium Park

7/5 (Tues) - Biki Energizer Station 

Free snacks and refreshments for cyclists, sponsored by 7-Eleven Hawaii

3:30 - 6pm, Biki Stop #407 (Keeaumoku & King)

7/9 (Sat) - HBL Aloha Shirt Social Ride

Time to bust out your aloha shirts for this casual ride that will incorporate a stop for shave ice. Bring your own bike or use your Biki pass to unlock a bike.

Location and Time to be announced. Registration Required.

7/11 (Mon) - FREE RIDES DAY! 

Free Biki rides all day long, sponsored by 7-Eleven Hawaii. Use promocode 711 at any Biki Stop or on the PBSC App to redeem one free 30 minute ride.

More details >>>

7/12 (Tues) - Biki Energizer Station 

Free water bottles and t-shirts for cyclists, sponsored by Project Footprint

3:30 - 6pm, Biki Stop #244 (Ala Moana Beach Park, Atkinson entrance)

7/19 (Tues) - Biki Energizer Station 

Free snacks, swag and fitness center day passes for cyclists, sponsored by Planet Fitness.  Plus, all cyclists will be entered to win a FREE one-year black tag membership.

3:30 - 6pm, Biki Stop #228 (located outside Planet Fitness Ala Moana)

7/22 (Fri) - Bike to Work Day - HBL Energizer Station

Free snacks and coffee for cyclists commuting to work, sponsored by Starbucks Bishop

7 - 9am, Civic Center Bike Path + Punchbowl Street

7/26 (Tues) - Biki Energizer Station 

Free healthy snacks, cold drinks and tote bags for cyclists, sponsored by Ward Village

3:30 - 6pm, Kolowalu Park (across from South Shore Marketplace) 

7/27 (Wed) - Bike Month Pau Hana

Celebrate bicycles and connect with friends. You're welcome to bring in food from nearby shops and grab a drink from Village Bottle Shop. No formal programming, just a fun time to celebrate Bike Month with friends!

5pm, Village Bottle Shop at SALT Kakaako


Biki and HBL will be performing free helmet fittings and distributing over 400 helmets to members of the community, sponsored by Central Pacific Bank.

10am - 2pm, The Barn at SALT Kakaako


Bike Month 2022 Sponsors

Since the start of the 2022 legislative session on Jan. 19, lawmakers have introduced 2,546 bills. Several of the state bills introduced are transportation-related and will impact mobility and safety on Oahu. Bikeshare Hawaii has recently submitted testimony in support of the following five state bills.

Permits a bicyclist to proceed through an intersection from a right turn only lane if they cannot safely merge into the thru traffic lane, provided they signal intention to merge left. Permits a bicyclist to proceed in a right turn only lane when approaching an intersection, even if they do not intend to turn right, provided that they do not pass a stopped vehicle and that they exercise reasonable safety when passing a moving vehicle. Track the bill.
Why we support this: SB2299 will ‘legalize’ a common and safe traffic movement [cyclists proceeding straight ahead in a marked /signed right turn lane] that many bicyclists have to utilize on roadways that do not provide for a dedicated marked bike lane or bike box approaching an intersection.
Additionally, this change also helps improve pedestrian safety by shifting more cyclist traffic from utilizing sidewalks at arterial intersections.
Update: Report adopted; Passed Second Reading, as amended (SD 1) and referred to Judicial
SB3274 will establish the Multimodal Transportation Branch of the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation to increase funding, pursue grants, and work on projects focusing on safe, low user cost pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. Track SB3274.
Update: Passed Second Reading, as amended (SD 1) and referred to WAM. AND the committee(s) on WAM recommend(s) that the measure be PASSED, WITH AMENDMENTS.
Establishes the Transportation Improvement and Modernization Commission to help ensure the Department of Transportation achieves states goals and outcomes while improving reporting to provide better transparency for elected leaders and the public. Track SB2834.
Update: Report adopted; Passed Second Reading, as amended (SD 1) and referred to WAM. AND the committee(s) on WAM recommend(s) that the measure be PASSED, WITH AMENDMENTS.
SB2517 establishes a goal for the Department of Transportation to have an unspecified percentage of commuting trips be by bicycle or electric bike by 2030. Track SB2517.
Update: The committee on TRS deferred the measure for the 2022-2023 session.
SB 3255 would will appropriate funds for capital improvement projects in the Waianae district to address traffic mitigation. Such projects should include local transit enhancements, complete sidewalk network, enhanced intersections and protected bike lane. Track SB3255.
Update: Report adopted; Passed Second Reading, as amended (SD 1) and referred to WAM.

Legislative items (text and video) can be searched at this link: