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Available on both iPhone and Android mobile devices. Same functionally you've come to depend on with added features. Designed to help you maximize the use of Honolulu’s Bikeshare System, Biki. Here are some of the top features:


Cellular Data is required to purchase and release a bike. 

By Jasmine Utu, Biki Ambassador

I’m currently here in American Samoa for work and have been for the past month. After 30 days, you start to realize the normalcies and routine that you actually have. Mine definitely included biki (along with Moku Kitchen, but that’s another story). I started to have “withdrawals”.


For most of the island, transportation is either done by car or by mini-buses (Tacoma size pick-up trucks with campers going around the island to pick up students and residents). I saw a few individuals on bicycles and noticed their rides were to the next couple of houses or so. Which makes sense because roads aren’t as well maintained, and bike lanes are non-existent.


I realized how lucky I am to be able to have convenient options at my disposal for commuting and recreating. It is a privilege. Choices that I can pick and choose to get from where I am to where I want, or need, to be. And not only that, but to be able to bikeshare nonetheless.


I work in tech and to think of bikesharing as a piece of modernization was something I hadn’t given much thought because I was so familiar with it as part of my everyday life. But if you’ve never had the option to bikeshare, you’d never know what you’re missing out on. However, living in a community that has those opportunities, it’s made me more grateful and more motivated  to share it with others.


In places like American Samoa, many of the roads are one way in and one way out, rural, and loaded with trucks and cars piling in line just to get to a village less than 5-10 miles away. Progressing technology and enriching communities doesn’t have to look too futuristic and lose the heart of the home. It could be simplistic. Paved roads, bike lanes, and reliable bikes. Island-sized areas with less unnecessary car congestion, adding a more sustainable commute, and increasing an active lifestyle, all while matching the pace of life.


Many residents said engineering the roads to be less overgrown and keeping them maintained to sustain resilience against weather conditions, would be a step towards the modernization necessary for their home and community. It’s the little things that can have such a big impact. Imagine even our own Oahu with more bike lanes, bike stations, bikesharing, and maintained roads? I think we can all agree perfectly maintained roads and paths sounds blissful. Sometimes it takes getting out of your own neighborhood and comfortable schedule to gain a little perspective and inspiration.


For now, it’s baby steps towards seeing a future that I want for Honolulu and the rest of Hawaii. It’s using what’s already in my hands. Time and amateur skill to teach a friend how to ride a bike, get someone going on their first biki experience, gather a group of friends to get out and ride to your favorite beach spot, or just talk to people in my workplace and community about bikeshare. It’s funny how biking can elevate a conversation to many directions – nostalgia, jitters and butterflies of trying it, new thoughts, considerations, and the classic debate… pronouncing biki as "beekee" or "bick-ee".

Despite how I choose to say it, I’m grateful for the opportunity to biki, to have it in my city, and to have the privilege to share it with others. A classic piece of technology to restore a neighborhood and progress a community.

A note from Todd Boulanger, Executive Director

As an Environmental Planner (UH Manoa) reflecting on the 50th Anniversary of EARTH DAY and living through the period that led to its creation; I can say one of the greatest lessons learned is that avoidance of damage is a much better solution than mitigation (a fancy word for cleaning up a mess). My father, a chemical engineer, a mid-century man of the pre-Earth Day era, was trained to approach ‘pollution solutions’ first through mitigation, as one of his favorite sayings to me growing up was “the solution to pollution is dilution”. 

IMG-9283 (1)

So, you ask, ‘how does Biki and bike share fit into mitigation versus avoidance’? Well, by exchanging a motor vehicle trip for a human powered bicycle trip you are avoiding the creation of much of the vehicle emissions tied to moving around our city quickly and conveniently, like half of our members reported doing. In 2019 you and your fellow Biki riders rode 1.37 million rides for an estimated 2.7 million miles in town. This quantity of miles would typically generate 3.3 million pounds of CO2 emissions by cars. But, instead of waiting for planted trees to grow and absorb these gases, they are never created. Put it simply, it is like 323 cars being removed from the town

Plus, there are other “me” benefits like losing weight or gaining muscle tone as you ride to your meetings or to see friends. I mean how many other environmental solutions are fun AND make you smile as you just live and go about your normal day?


Car vs. Bike Calculator

With the end of 2018 right around the corner, we're excited to look back at some of our favorite moments from the year and give you a glimpse as to what might be coming up next! We hope 2019 is filled with health, happiness and, of course, lots of Biki rides. Mele kalikimaka and happy holidays from the Biki Crew to you! 

We’re excited to announce Biki Buys, our upcoming promotional partnership with retail establishments across urban Honolulu! This promotion will take place during the month of November and will include a maximum of 20 retail establishments located within close proximity of a Biki Stop.


Similar to Biki Bites, Biki riders will be able to redeem exclusive deals at the participating establishments simply by showing their Biki pass, same day Biki receipt, or proof of their active account on the Biki Mobile App! Our first promo was catered towards food and drink businesses, so we’re excited to work with retail establishments to bring our riders shopping deals in time for the holiday season.


To apply, businesses must meet the following criteria: 




To apply, please fill out our brief Biki Buys Application and email to, or print and mail to Bikeshare Hawaii at 914 Ala Moana Blvd Floor 2, Honolulu, HI 96814.


Applications will be accepted until Friday, October 13 at midnight. Selected businesses will be notified by 10/18. 



Why participate in Biki Buys? 

This no-cost opportunity allows you to expand your reach and gain new customers. Your businesses location(s) and offer will be displayed on our website and map on the Biki Mobile App. Biki will also market the promotion in press releases, social media, and through customer competitions. Additionally, your participation will demonstrate your support of alternative transportation, healthy lifestyles and sustainability, and will provide an opportunity to collaborate and engage with a network of local businesses.

Check out the Biki Buys Application for more reasons to apply, and for real world evidence that demonstrates the economic benefits of bikeshare on local businesses.


PDF Version of Biki Buys Application.




Thanks to a grant from the Better Bike Share Partnership, we're excited to introduce Everybody Rides, a new and improved version of our Access Program. This initiative is part of our ongoing effort to help create healthier communities and expand access to sustainable transportation.

Everybody Rides gives eligible participants an unlimited number of Biki rides for a reduced rate of only $10 per month. Similar to our standard Commuter Plan, each ride can be up to 30 minutes in duration, and there is no limit to how many rides you can take each day, week or month! To apply, residents must be at least 16 years of age and currently receiving public assistance from the Department of Human Services.

To make it as easy as possible, we are developing a new webpage with a simplified online application. Over the next few months, we'll be hosting free workshops, conducting outreach in the community, and spreading the word about our latest membership option.

Biki Basics King Street


Learn more about Everybody Rides and Biki bikeshare at an upcoming workshop or outreach event!

August 5 (Saturday) - Outreach Event

10 - 2pm @ Pearl Ridge Shopping Center

August 19 (Sat) - Community Clean-Up

8:30am - 1:30pm @ Waimanalo District Park

August 20 (Sat) - HBL Documentary Screening

6pm - 9pm @ Patagonia Ward

September 7 (Thursday) - Outreach Event

10am - 2pm @ UH Manoa Center Courtyard

September 9 (Sat) - Outreach Event

11am - 4:30pm @ SALT at our Kakaako

October 26 (Thurs) - Free Workshop

4 - 6pm @ Kakaako Waterfront Park



We're teaming up with Hawaii Bicycling League to host free 2-hour workshops to share information about Everybody Rides and equip residents with the knowledge and confidence they need to use Biki safely in Honolulu. Participants will receive a free helmet, a free month of Biki's Everybody Rides Membership, and free food / refreshments. Space is capped at 10 participants per workshop and registration is required.


Email us at



Everybody Rides

Everybody Rides is a program, subsidized by Secure Bike Share, that brings affordable bikeshare access to local residents. Eligible Kama'āina can apply for enrollment and receive unlimited 30 minute Biki rides for only $10 per month. Through this initiative, we aim to increase access to bikeshare and reduce the cost burden of transportation.


Meeting the eligibility criteria is necessary for enrollment, and approval is required before purchase.


Our most affordable subscription. Eligible residents pay $10+tax per month.

Unlimited rides. Each ride can be up to 30 minutes.. Extra time fees will apply for rides longer than 30 minutes.

Must currently be receiving public assistance, and pre approval is required.

About Everybody Rides

This program was initiated as a collaborative effort between Secure Bike Share and Bikeshare Hawaii, driven by a shared vision of creating a truly transformative experience for the local community. Our mission is to provide affordable access to bicycles for the people of Honolulu, enabling residents to seize opportunities that can significantly enhance their lives. Biki, through its remarkable success, has demonstrated its power to create a healthy, vibrant and connected community. Our local members report having received a variety of benefits since signing up for Biki, including:

    • 69% have saved money
    • 58% exercise more often and 34% have lost weight
    • 50% drive less and 17% have reduced the number of cars in their households


We believe transportation is more than just a means to get from place to place; it serves as a powerful catalyst for change. Our members rely on Biki to commute to workplaces, access basic needs such as health care, food and education, and embrace healthier lifestyles. Everybody Rides is a commitment to empowering the community, dismantling barriers, and bridging the gaps prevalent in our underserved areas.

How to sign up

Follow these quick and easy steps to apply today, get approved, and start riding.

Step 1

Complete the application form below. Enter your personal information and upload a valid photo ID and an approved benefits document.

Step 2

Applications will be reviewed within two business days. Once approved, a welcome kit with a Biki Card will be mailed to your home address on file.

Step 3

Sign up with your Biki Card online to complete the sign-up process. Head to any nearby Biki Stop and check out a bike.

Eligibility Requirements

Review the following eligibility requirements to see if you qualify.

Have any additional questions? Give us a call.



Hawaii resident with a valid government issued ID

Applicants must be a Hawaii Resident, Age 16 or older, and have a non-expired government-issued photo ID. Valid forms of ID are:

• Drivers License
• State ID Card
• Passport

If you do not have a valid ID, you can provide proof of residency in the form of (choose one): (1) Utility bill dated within the last three months, (2) bank statement with address dated within the last three months, (3) any piece of mail addressed to you and postmarked within the last three month.



To be eligible, you must be currently receiving public assistance from the Hawaii Department of Human Services. Public assistance may be in the form of SNAP, TANF, ONF, GA, Child Care Subsidies or AABD.


You must provide a Benefits Award Letter or Benefits History Document that includes your name and the duration of benefits eligibility. If you do not have either one of these documents you can request a reprint and/or a benefit history (DHS 1463) from your respective processing center. Click here for processing center contact information..



active phone number oR email

We may need to get in contact with you from time to time, so an active phone number or email address must be on file.


You will receive email communications with account updates including the status of your application, renewal confirmation and important account information.






Credit card payment

You will be billed $10 +tax every month for your subscription.


A valid credit or debit card is required. We’re sorry, but we cannot accept prepaid cards or cash at this time. Any outstanding balances must be paid off before approval.


Please remember that your subscription includes an unlimited number of 30 minute rides. If any ride exceeds the 30 minute limit, your payment method on file will be automatically charged an Extra Time fee of $5 per 30 minutes or fraction of. The average trip time is under 13 minutes, and with more than 130 Biki Stops, it’s easy to avoid potential fees.

Everybody Rides Subscription Details


Kama'āina Subscription

$10 per month

  • Access to one Biki bike at a time
  • Unlimited number of rides lasting 30 minutes or less
  • 24/7 access to all 130+ Biki Stops
  • Local perks at surrounding businesses
  • Complimentary Biki Card to easily unlock a bike with no code




There is a limit of 1 pass per qualifying applicant. 



Once approved we will mail you a key card used for sign-up. Please provide a valid mailing address to which you can receive mail. 

Free Helmet Updated

Free Helmet Giveaway

May is National Bike Month, a time to celebrate cycling and encourage others to give it a try! On Friday, May 12, we'll be teaming up with Central Pacific Bank and Hawaii Bicycling League to give away 300 FREE helmets to members of the community. We'll have standard bicycle and multi-sport helmets available in a variety of colors and sizes, plus HBL will be offering complimentary fittings!


You are encouraged to bring your friends and stop by the Ka Makana Alii Shopping Center (Kapolei) from 3:30pm - 6:30pm to pick up a free helmet, score some fun swag and connect with other Biki riders and local cyclists.

Center Court

Event Details:

Time: Friday, May 12 from 3:30 - 6:30pm


Location: Ka Makana Alii, (391-5431 Kapolei Pkway 27)

The helmet giveaway will be held at the Center Court event space. There are many shops and restaurants to visit after you pick up your free helmet! 


Getting there: This event is outside the Biki network and there are no Biki stations in the area. While we normally LOVE when you Biki, we ask that you do not use bikeshare to travel to and from the event. We encourage you to carpool or use public transportation. Free parking is available at the shopping center. 

how to get a helmet:

  1. Show up to the event
  2. Give your email address
  3. Get properly fitted by a trained HBL volunteer


That's it! Absolutely no purchase required and you don't need to be a CPB banking customer or a Biki Member to get one. Due to limited supplies, we can only give one per person and you must be present to receive one. First come, first served and available while supplies last.

IMG_7433 2

Volunteers Wanted!

Volunteers make these free events possible. We’re looking for folks to help us get more helmets on heads this Friday! All volunteers will receive a free Biki bag, shaka shirt, and invites to future volunteer appreciation parties!

Mahalo to our Event Partners:

Thank you to Central Pacific Bank for encouraging our community to bike and for making it safer to do so. Learn more about their new 100% online Shaka Checking accounts and how you can get the highest checking interest rates, waived ATM fees and early access to your direct deposit paychecks.


Biki riders and cyclists are invited to a free Bike Month yoga class on Friday, May 26 at 5pm. Yoga Under the Palms is hosting a class on the breezy covered lanai at their Kaimuki studio. This all-levels class will specifically focus on stretching and strengthening the important muscles you use every time you ride. Bring your own mat or rent one from the studio for only $1. Space is limited and registration is required.

Friday, May 26

5 - 6 pm

Yoga Under the Palms Kaimuki, 3574 Waialae Ave

About Yoga Under the Palms

We are a Kanaka owned outdoor yoga studio, vegan cafe and boutique. We believe yoga is best practiced outdoors and rooted nature. No mirrors, no heaters, just a beautiful natural setting to help you embrace your practice, wherever you are on your yoga journey.
Community is our biggest inspiration and our studios are uniquely shaped by the communities that we serve. We offer 40+ classes/week at both our Kailua and Kaimuki studios. Gentle classes, advanced classes, sculpt, restorative yoga and several signature Yoga Under the Palms classes.
Stop by our vegan cafe after class for a healthy bite to eat or take some time to check out retail shop where we carry a variety of yoga brands including lululemon and free people as well as several yoga lifestyle products, gifts and locally made items.

Take advantage of their New Student Introductory offer which includes 14 days of unlimited yoga classes for only $48.

Discover becoming part of our team

We are a transportation brand delivering world class service through tech to provide bicycle access to the local community. We seek driven people from all backgrounds who are interested in puting their skills to work. Biki has a variety of opportunites which provide on the job learning and growth. Come grow with us today! Check out some of our most common possitions below or learn more about Biki.


Competitive benefits for all


Paid time off and flexible

spending programs

Free Biki employee


secure Bike Share - Operations

Secure Bike share is the operating partner for Biki and Bike Share Hawaii. Our passion doesn't stop with bike share, it continues with our employees. If you looking to join our dynamic team and are driven to help us provide transformative service to your local community, to enhance, make healthier, and more green, look no further and check out some of the positions we have.

Call center Agent

As a customer service agent, one of the most rewarding aspects of the job is being able to help customers solve their problems and provide them with a positive experience. Here at Secure Bike Share we pride ourselves on providing the best local customer service experience. We help to develop our agents, leaning valuable skills that can be applied to a variety of fields. Our Customer Support Agents get to meet different people, from locals to international travelers. They help others and bring our riders peace of mind with compassion and care. If you are a great communicator and want to help people look no further.


Bicycle Rebalancer

Our bicycle rebalancers play a major role in the operations, helping to make sure riders have a bike available and a place to return. Rebalancer's spend their day on the road moving bikes through out the system and meeting different people along the way, from locals to international travelers. If you like being active and outdoors this may be the position for you. All of our drivers are required to have valid driver’s license with a clean driving history. 

Field Technician

Our team of field technicians are responsible for the daily upkeep of our on street stations. As a field technician they put their troubleshooting and logical reasoning skills to work. Some of the daily responsibilities are responding to service alerts throughout the Biki system, making small repairs, and completing routine maintenance. Those considered for this position will need to have a valid driver’s license with a clean driving history. The ability to work evenings and weekends to ensure that all stations remain operational, and riders are able to fully utilize our transportation system in the way that it was designed. You will also have the excitement of working across teams, so communication skills are important.


Bicycle Mechanic

Our bicycle mechanic service our fleet of over 1,300 bicycles and help to keep them rolling at all times. They are responsible for the ongoing maintenance and repair of our bicycles. Their work involves a combination of technical knowledge and problem solving skills while working with their hands. They get to experience the satisfaction of seeing results in their work daily through the diagnoses and repair of a wide range of issues. 

Get in touch with Us

Don't see a job posted but think that you may have skills that could be a valuable addition to the team, we want to hear from you. Send an email at