A note from Todd Boulanger, Executive Director

As an Environmental Planner (UH Manoa) reflecting on the 50th Anniversary of EARTH DAY and living through the period that led to its creation; I can say one of the greatest lessons learned is that avoidance of damage is a much better solution than mitigation (a fancy word for cleaning up a mess). My father, a chemical engineer, a mid-century man of the pre-Earth Day era, was trained to approach ‘pollution solutions’ first through mitigation, as one of his favorite sayings to me growing up was “the solution to pollution is dilution”. 

IMG-9283 (1)

So, you ask, ‘how does Biki and bike share fit into mitigation versus avoidance’? Well, by exchanging a motor vehicle trip for a human powered bicycle trip you are avoiding the creation of much of the vehicle emissions tied to moving around our city quickly and conveniently, like half of our members reported doing. In 2019 you and your fellow Biki riders rode 1.37 million rides for an estimated 2.7 million miles in town. This quantity of miles would typically generate 3.3 million pounds of CO2 emissions by cars. But, instead of waiting for planted trees to grow and absorb these gases, they are never created. Put it simply, it is like 323 cars being removed from the town

Plus, there are other “me” benefits like losing weight or gaining muscle tone as you ride to your meetings or to see friends. I mean how many other environmental solutions are fun AND make you smile as you just live and go about your normal day?


Car vs. Bike Calculator

With the end of 2018 right around the corner, we're excited to look back at some of our favorite moments from the year and give you a glimpse as to what might be coming up next! We hope 2019 is filled with health, happiness and, of course, lots of Biki rides. Mele kalikimaka and happy holidays from the Biki Crew to you! 

We’re excited to announce Biki Buys, our upcoming promotional partnership with retail establishments across urban Honolulu! This promotion will take place during the month of November and will include a maximum of 20 retail establishments located within close proximity of a Biki Stop.


Similar to Biki Bites, Biki riders will be able to redeem exclusive deals at the participating establishments simply by showing their Biki pass, same day Biki receipt, or proof of their active account on the Biki Mobile App! Our first promo was catered towards food and drink businesses, so we’re excited to work with retail establishments to bring our riders shopping deals in time for the holiday season.


To apply, businesses must meet the following criteria: 




To apply, please fill out our brief Biki Buys Application and email to kelsey@bikesharehawaii.org, or print and mail to Bikeshare Hawaii at 914 Ala Moana Blvd Floor 2, Honolulu, HI 96814.


Applications will be accepted until Friday, October 13 at midnight. Selected businesses will be notified by 10/18. 



Why participate in Biki Buys? 

This no-cost opportunity allows you to expand your reach and gain new customers. Your businesses location(s) and offer will be displayed on our website and map on the Biki Mobile App. Biki will also market the promotion in press releases, social media, and through customer competitions. Additionally, your participation will demonstrate your support of alternative transportation, healthy lifestyles and sustainability, and will provide an opportunity to collaborate and engage with a network of local businesses.

Check out the Biki Buys Application for more reasons to apply, and for real world evidence that demonstrates the economic benefits of bikeshare on local businesses.


PDF Version of Biki Buys Application.




FAQ-Biki App


The Biki App

The Biki App, available on both iPhone and Android mobile devices, is designed to help you maximize the use of Honolulu’s Bikeshare System, Biki. Here are some of the top features:



iOS version 12.1+ and Android version 4.1+ are required to install the Biki App and the latest updates. 

check out a bike with the app

1. Login to your Account to view our system map. Each dot represents a Biki Stop.

2. Click on any dot to see the Biki Stop name, number and the real time availability of open docks and bikes. 

3. When you are by a Biki Stop and ready to ride, press the yellow unlock button on the bottom right side of the screen. 

4. Click "Get release code" to generate a 5-digit code that can be used to unlock any bike at that particular Biki Stop. Codes are valid for 5-minutes and can check out one bike. 

check out bike

5. Go to a bike a find the 3-number key panel on the left side of the dock. 

6. Type in your unique code, wait for the yellow light to turn green and remove the bike. Your ride has now begun! 

Waikiki Chocolates is offering Biki Members 10% off their total purchase.

Satisfy your chocolate craving with 40+ truffle flavors; holiday truffle sets, or pick up some choco bombs and macadamia nut clusters as a holiday gift.

To redeem this offer, show proof of Biki Membership (App or Biki Card) when purchasing in-store.

744 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu HI |  www.waikikichocolates.com

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To celebrate the season of giving, we're teaming up with Hawaii Bicycling League to give away FREE helmets! We have over 150 bicycling and multi-sport helmets to distribute, ranging in size from toddler to adult XXL.

We'll be setting up at The Barn at SALT Kakaako (327 Keawe St, Honolulu) on Wednesday, December 1 between 4pm -6:30pm.


SALT Kakaako is conveniently located by Biki Stop #204 (Auahi & Keawe).

To qualify for a free helmet:

  1. Participate in a brief helmet fitting to ensure it fits properly.
  2. Show proof of Biki Membership (Biki App or Biki Card), or, bring your own bike!


Must be present to receive a helmet and only one per person. Available while supplies last. No purchase necessary.

Don't have a bike or biki membership?

The Biki Crew will be on hand to help you sign up for a membership. Proof of Hawaii residence is required to sign up for Kama'aina Plans. Browse our plan offerings here.



  • Got any questions or concerns about safe biking in Hawai‘i? Get the answers from the experts at the Hawaii Bicycling League
  • Learn about bike routes that are right for your ride (or check out HBL's O‘ahu Bike Map here)
  • Meet and talk story with some of our Biki Ambassadors who can share some special tips & tricks with you on getting the most out of your Biki rides!
  • Pick up some extra cycling swag (reflective goodies & more)
  • Find out what exciting bike events are coming up that you & your friends can be a part of!


Helmets were donated by the Hawaii Department of Health, Neurotrauma Program. This event is brought to you by Bikeshare Hawaii, Hawaii Bicycling League, Better Bike Share Partnership, and SALT at our Kakaako.

Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 4.31.18 PM
Name and plan type: Eric and Charlotte, Voyager Plans

We signed up for Biki this past May after participating in the Hawaii Bike Challenge. We wanted to see if biking was genuinely something we could do more of. This also coincided with the time we sold one of our cars!

How has Biki impacted your life? We exercise more often thanks to Biki, and we are definitely saving money. We were able to downsize to just one EV and are often riding Biki while that charges.
What do you like about Biki? We like that we don’t have to store or maintain the bikes, or worry about carrying (and perhaps losing) locks, keys, and chains with us. We know where the stations are and we don’t have to worry about theft. Even if we weren’t signed up for a Biki membership, we like that the bikes would still be available to us, and at a cost that seems reasonable for the ride, at least to us.
How do you think Biki benefits the Honolulu community? At least for those living in town, Biki is a great way to realize the benefits of the sharing economy. Most importantly, it raises awareness that cycling is, or at least maybe ought to be, a valid form of serious transport. If we’re going to stave off some of the continuing destruction caused by the greenhouse-gas-driven climate crisis it’s really people in their local community changing their habits that’s going to save the day, isn’t it? People are still mindlessly spending thousands of dollars each year buying and maintaining gas-guzzling cars for the privilege of getting stuck in the very same traffic they themselves are creating by participating in our current commuting culture. It seems there’s a better way, better for our physical health, and our mental wellbeing, better for our pocket books, and for this earth we rely on, too. It may seem a bit weird that such a response may be inspired from utilizing one's local bikeshare service, and yet there it is, and here we are! Really though, feel free to try out Biki, you may have a lot of fun, or find it really convenient, and either way, you won’t be polluting the planet.
Favorite place to Biki: Ala Moana Beach Park is close to us, and getting there now feels safer thanks to the dedicated bike lanes available along much of Ward Avenue. We also love the shade when riding along Kapiolani Park.
Best Biki Tip: If you’re bringing a water bottle, make sure there’s some portion that can have the front basket’s elastic band loop through it. We also recommend bringing a pocket-sized bottle of hand sanitizer to apply to our hands and the grips both before and after our rides. Keep the community safe and healthy!

Have a Biki story you want to share? We'd love to hear it! Email us at kelsey@bikesharehawaii.org.

A new Biki Stop has been added to the Ala Moana area! This Biki Stop is located on the Azure Ala Moana property, a brand new residential tower on Makaloa Street. This Biki Stop was removed from service back in April due to months of low ridership caused by COVID-19. Thanks to ProsPac, the developers of Azure Ala Moana and our station sponsor, we were able to put this Biki Stop back in service to support the transportation needs of the many nearby businesses and residence. 


Look for Biki Stop #229 on the Biki App or our online Station Map.


"Multimodal transportation, including bikeshare, is an essential sustainable, environmentally-friendly design element at Azure Ala Moana. We're proud to partner with Bikeshare Hawaii to provide Biki to residents and community members as a cost-efficient, convenient, healthy transportation option to get around."  - Daniel Simonich, ProsPac Project Manager

If you would like to learn more about sponsoring a Biki Stop, please email us at info@bikesharehawaii.org. 


Located at the corner of Keeaumoku and Makaloa Streets, Azure Ala Moana is a new residential tower with 330 condominium residences, along with 78 rental apartments and exciting retail in the over 20,000 square foot ground- and second-level plaza. Above the six-level parking podium, residents and their guests will enjoy a welcoming recreation deck featuring a stellar collection of amenities. Learn more: AzureAlaMoana.com

Why bikeshare should be part of every resident's transportation diet

By Morgan Pōmaikaʻi Lee, 2021 Biki Ambassador

Any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You've circled around for 10 minutes looking for parking before settling for a spot a 15-minute walk from your destination.
  • You've decided not to attend something because you don't want to spend $20 to park. 
  • You're going to carpool to hang out on the other side of the island with friends but they want you to meet them at their house and you don't want to leave your car there all day.
  • Your bike, your primary mode of transportation, has a flat tire.
  • You wanted to bike there, but it's going to be really inconvenient to return that way after you do your grocery shopping.
  • You're spending too much money on gas.
  • You can take TheBus, but the route isn't direct and takes twice as long with all the frequent stops. 
  • You're going to arrive together but don't want the pressure of leaving when everyone else does.
  • The prices of ridesharing apps turned nightmarish seemingly overnight.

If you nodded your head in frustration to any of these scenarios, I feel your pain. Most of us don't think we devote significant amounts of mental energy to transportation, but working through the logistics of getting here and there can easily turn into spending 30 extra minutes on Google Maps and texting our friends. As a bike owner who doesn't have my own car, one of the biggest hacks of my adult life has my bikeshare membership. Time and time again, bikeshare has offered my friends and I alternatives, solutions, and back-ups without us having to spend more money or waste time problem solving. And, when we're not just turning to bikes to overcome any of these logistical obstacles, incorporating Biki into our daily lives keeps the cost of living down on an expensive island.

As a reminder: Kama'āina pay as little as $15 per month for unlimited access to bikes at over 130 Biki Stops across downtown Honolulu. If you're a Hawaii resident and haven't taken advantage of this deal yet, I urge you to sign up ASAP.